I guess Individual 1 is Mike Pence's Daddy now

Pence just tweeted a copy and paste campaign ad where he referred to Individual 1 as “my father”.

That is just so…cringe.

So, if Trump is his father, and his wife is his mother…

Mike: Say it ! Say it!
Karen: sigh Hoosier daddy.

I thought is was spelled fuhrer.

Pence has zero dignity. He’s a walking doormat.

I’m picturing him handing his overcoat to someone and throwing himself over the puddle Trump is about to step in.

Explains why he always looks like he smells of dog piss.

The main difference between Pence and Trump is that the one believes he works for God, and the other believes he is God.

That’s just a botched copy/paste effort; I find the wording in the original mail much more cringeworthy—‘we were really disappointed to see that you neglected to help us reach our End-of-Quarter goal’. And then, ‘we won’t extend your match offer again, [name]’. Nice mixture of trying to guilt, shame, and strong-arm people into contributing. What’s next, mailing horse’s heads to those who fail to contribute?

Love it.

The far more absurd thing is to believe that Trump is matching contributions at 500%. The man who was prohibited from even having a charity is going to honor an offer to match campaign contributions to his own campaign, with is own money? #OrangeLyingAssClown, please.