Poll: Your opinions about Donald Trump's "presidential bid"

Your opinion on two things:

  1. Do you think that Donald Trump really believed Obama was born in Kenya or that the whole thing was a publicity stunt?

  2. Do you think Trump really is interested in being president or that it’s a publicity stunt?


Okay- I thought I chose “allow multiple votes” but apparently not. Shazbot!

Unless there’s a way to edit the poll, just choose “publicity stunt” or “real” for the one of your choosing. Or leave a comment.

The “run,” like Trump, is a joke.

O dear god. There is an advertisement on this thread that says “President Trump? Vote here now.”

  1. Publicity.
  2. Publicity.
  3. ???
  4. Profit!!!

Publicity stunt all the way, both ways. And to prove there’s no justice in this earth, NBC will reward him with a renewal of his show.

Trump will bail on a presidential run when he has to submit accurate financial background information.

I couldn’t vote, but Trump considers (apparently) the run for President to be another reality show. He wants publicity. No different from anything else he has done for the last twenty years.


I can’t honestly say that I think he might not be serious on both counts. He’s enough of an uniformed lout to believe internet Birther crap, and he’s got a big enough ego to convince himself that he would have a legitimate shot at President. I would love for him to get the nomination. It would be hella entertaining, but ultimately I don’t think he’ll really put himself top that kind of test.

I’ve seen too many celebrities do this dog and pony show before and it always ends up being a publicity stunt. When he actually starts getting on the ballot in the primaries I’ll believe it is real.

The thing about his current “run” is it basically gives him:

  1. Immense publicity
  2. A platform to spout off random bullshit he wants to say and get people to talk about it and comment on it, essentially validating him
  3. Stokes his ego and lets him take highly visible pot shots at the President. If you’ve ever followed Trump’s verbal wars with other people in the past, his behavior so far is very similar and I don’t take it as genuine interest in running for elected office.

I love seeing him take actual questions from journalists. He’s used to fielding “who would you like to get on Celebrity Apprentice?” or “What do you think of what Rosie O’Donnell/Charlie Sheen/Lindsay Lohan said or did?” questions or braying to the press about the new Trump Portapotty Casinoes or whatever. In the past few weeks he’s actually had “real” questions now (What would you do regarding Palestine/Israel relations?" and the tailor made “What were you talking about when you said your private investigators were finding incredible things looking for Obama’s birth certificate? Be specific” and it’s like watching Kirk Cameron get grilled by a panel of Ph.Ds in Physics- very similar in fact in that it involves him changing the subject, not answering the question, and then sneering and swearing he did when called on it.

This just in- Obama owning Birthers with Trump in attendance.

Attack on Trump begins at 9:45 btw. I’d guess Trump is wondering “Who are Biggie and Tupac?” I hope that in a rare moment of great wit he had the absolute perfect comebacks instantly yet had to sit on them silently. You know he’ll have a press conference to respond of course.

Sorry, I didn’t vote because I couldn’t make more than 1 choice.

Yes, the birther stuff is publicity bullshit.

Yes, the presidential stuff is publicity bullshit.

But yes, he might actually really run if he thinks he has a real shot at winning,

I seem to be the lone person who thinks Trump is dumb enough and arrogant enough to believe all that birther crap.

But presidency? He doesn’t have the stones to make a real run of it – “it was all lies.”

Seth Meyers at tonight’sWhite House Correspondents Dinner. Trump abuse begins around the 12 minute mark. Seth’s material wasn’t that great, but Donald’s face was priceless.

So the new poll: Will Donald Trump call Meyers a talentless nobody and suckup to the media within 24 hours, or will he wait until Monday?

I almost feel sorry for Trump; it’s gotta be painful to have to sit through that. On the other hand, perhaps this will finally shut him up.

Oh man, Trump was GRIM. What an asshole.

BTW, thanks for the link. I hadn’t heard the dinner had even happened.

Like every birther, Trump first acquired the unshakeable conviction that President Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States of America. Then lied about it in public fora. It is the popular way to earn conservative credentials.

Any actual presidential ambition was sunk the minute he claimed to have the goods on Obama. An amateur’s mistake, no candidate worth his salt refers to evidence, and hence verification.