Poll: Your opinions about Donald Trump's "presidential bid"

Trump = Attention Whore

Can’t get more empirical than that.

A lot of the Trump material was mediocre, but the first one was a kill shot.

“I hear Donald Trump might run for President as a Republican. That surprises me because I assumed he was running as a joke.”

BOOM! Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

Trump has always been a publicity hound and still is. Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii? Just the usual Repulsive party lying. Run for president? Trump doesn’t have the balls.

The “Unless the Blacks are a white family” and the Miss USA pageant streamlining the search for a VP were pretty good too. And Obama’s comments about firing Gary Busey.

Jokes about Trump’s hair should just be done away with- done to freaking death.

Trump = Egomaniac.

Refuses to acknowledge his own failings, convinced of his superiority, everyone else is “stupid”.

Ego Masturbation. That’s all this is. Get more people to suck up to him and tell him how awesome he is. Use it to convince more suckers that his name is worth something and they should give him money.

I’d bet the house that the network, that runs his show, has it’s reporters playing the presidential bid thing, and ensuing nonesense, all the while knowing full well he’s already contracted for another season and therefore cannot declare/run for real. It serves the purpose of drumming up ratings for his show, who cares if it’s complete cynical manipulation of the news? Surely not the American public, they are the one’s that make his a hit show.

My brother is a die-hard, right-wing conservative Republican and even he is disgusted with Trump and polls showing Trump currently ranking #2 in potential voters for the primary.
Personally, I think Trump might actually jump into the fray for the publicity.
It just shows how crazy the Republican Party has gone that they are grabbing straws like Trump to stir up the pot.
Sort of hope he runs and gets nominated - and with any luck he will pick Palin again as VP. Would be a fun election to watch.

Sampiro, Trump called into Fox and Friends today to say exactly what you predicted he’d say about Meyers and Obama. Link, and not enough :rolleyes: in the world.

Here’s some advice Donny: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” and “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” Those are from a guy who actually ran for POTUS, and won. (OK, Wikiquote says they didn’t originate with Harry Truman, but the advice is valid.)

Another lesson: Dan Quayle took jokes about him way too seriously, and never became POTUS.

Trump’s alleged run is all PR. If somehow The Hairpiece starts believing his own PR and actually runs, the mandatory financial reporting forms will probably cripple his financial “empire” by revealing his net monetary worth is much, much less than he claims. Maybe then people will stop paying attention to him, and it will be a win for all of America, and a double win for NYC.

Publicity, publicity, publicity. It’s what he’s all about.

Except, I’d be willing to believe he actually thinks there’s something to the whole “Birther” thing. gag Talk about stupid. If that’s a publicity stunt, or his real opinions, he loses either way.

Well, he said “no talent” to the New York Times: “‘Seth Meyers has no talent,’ Mr. Trump said in an interview on Sunday. ‘He fell totally flat. In fact, I thought Seth’s delivery was so bad that he hurt himself.’”

I look forward to hearing Jon Stewart’s take on this. BTW, what was this obscenity-laden speech in Las Vegas?

It’ll probably be a while because Stewart already has enough for a two hour show tonight.

A speech at a casino last week where he blasted Washington for not telling the Saudis “you’re not going to raise the fucking price of oil!” and swearing he’d tell the Chinese “that’s the deal you motherfuckers!” Includes YouTube links. He goes all Internet Tough Guy on Foreign Policy.

You have to admire his guts in actually saying it to the faces ofpeople who may or may not vote for the officials who if elected will have to deal with the Chinese and the Arabs.

I honestly believe if you looked next to the word narcissist in the new Websters Dictionary you’d see a little picture that says “Donald Trump is a fucking dickhead”.

Has any Presidential aspirant been trivialized any more in one week than Trump has been this last week? The “long form” birth certificate, the evisceration at White House Correspondents Dinner, and then bin Laden’s head. Watching Obama mock Trump’s tough leadership decisions about who to fire on The Apprentice has an even greater resonance now that we know what Obama knew at the time. While Trump’s toughest decision was deciding whether to kick Meat Loaf or Gary Busey off a game show, Obama was planning the operation to kill bin Laden. The contrast is humiliating.

The icing on the cake was the announcement bigfooting Trump’s show (no way that was a coincidence). I can’t remember any President so thoroughly pwning a political challenger, and he did it so cooly and effortlessly too. Obama is still the man.

Colbert had a great line tonight: “Seth Meyers did a great job, but Obama killed.”

And another great line. He asked his guest who he should be afraid of now, and the guy said, “China. They’re shooting down satellites and hacking into computers. Al Quaida can’t even blow up their own underwear,”

If only his wife would announce she’s divorcing him for The Situation and an “Apprentice is rigged” scandal broke all in the next day or two then it would be almost enough to bring me back to church for a sermon.

It is amazing how cool Obama was at the WHCD considering what he knew and that this could have gone MAJORLY wrong, which he also knew.

I really and truly believe that they released the birth certificate to coincide with the WHCD. It made birthers the joke, instead of making the actual controversy the joke.

First, Trump has absolutely no hope of winning the Republican nomination, and he has to know it. He’s NOT a conservative, never has been, and can’t possibly fool anyone into thinking he is.

If he runs for President at all, it will be as a self-financed independent.

I suspect he won’t run. I’m reminded of something notoriously corrupt DC mayor Marion Barry once said, when asked if he’d step aside as mayor to let Jesse Jackson take over. Barry laughed, “Are you kidding? The mayor has to run the city. Jesse don’t want to run a city. Jesse don’t wanna run nothing but his mouth.”

That’s Trump. Does anybody believe Trump wants to sit through long boring meeetings to figure out budget cuts and tax hikes? Donald likes the IDEA of being President, but he doesn’t want to do any of the actual work involved with the job.

Trump is not good at anything except going broke and talking people into giving him more money.

I certainly would never vote for him - even if he was the last living candidate in the election. I would vote for the corpse of Nixon before I would vote for him.

First Jesus H. Christ and now Donald J. Trump; who are they going to pick on next?

Letterman says Trump’s allegations smack of racism; Trump replies:

Thus if you’re on Jeopardy and the Final Answer under the category “COMMON BONDS” is

The question is “Who are people more racist than Donald Trump?”