Does Trump really want to serve as President?

He wants to win the election, but down in my gut, I just feel like he’s not interested in the position - just the winning and the title. I have nothing specific to cite for this feeling. I may be reading him completely wrong. Maybe I’m still clinging to my belief that he didn’t want the nomination, just the publicity.

Is he taking this seriously or not? Do you think he has any idea what being President really is?

By now I’ve concluded hell yeah he truly wants to be President. You don’t get to this point just to punk people.

Whether being President means what he thinks it means is another story, but I must conclude also that his intention is to make it become so if it does not, or else if he can’t do that adapt to it and say he meant to be a normal President all along, knowing his fans will always take for good the last thing he says, record be damned.

He doesn’t have one single clue about what it means to actually BE president.

He wants to be what HE THINKS is it to be president, which is like being CEO of the United States. You hire people, give them orders, have them give you reports, fire them if they don’t perform, go to lots of places (in and out of the country) and make speeches, play golf, do interviews for TV and magazines. That’s about it. How hard can it be, after all? I mean, if GWBush can do it, I can certainly do it.

He believes that if he is elected, that he can do what ever he wants (to protect whatever wealth he has left). Fire anyone he wants (like his game show) and put anyone he wants (his daughter that he lusts after) in powerful positions because she’s “Really popular” in positions of incredible power 'cause, hey, she’s good lookin.

That nearly half the country doesn’t see through his transparent bullshit and everyday lies and self serving crap is stunning to me.

To add, he was born on third base and has had nothing but ‘yes men’ surrounding him his whole life. I doubt that he has ever had to do the simple task of ordering for himself.

When he asked Kasich to be his Veep, he told Kasich that he would be allowed to run everything, so no Trump doesn’t want to actually do the job.

What happens if he storms off in a huff one day? Pence is automatically the president!

Donald could probably walk away with his full salary and pension! Seems like just the media firestorm needed to launch his news network!

Gets to blame crooked Washington, and still gets called ‘President’ in perpetuity. Also probably still get security briefings!

Trump is not like other candidates. It really does appear that he wants to win the election more than he wants to broadly govern. This is isn’t much different from Hillary who also appears to be more focused on winning, but also clearly does want to govern. I don’t think we can tell anything about the true motives of either one of them, but that’s not substantially different from any candidate. In Trump’s case we just don’t have the political history of most candidates to look at. I think we can tell he’s a delegater, he won’t be much interested in the details, only success or failure, and we’re likely to see a lot of turnovers among those people. What would probably make him different is that he won’t show loyalty to his delegates, no “Great job Brownie!” from him, no slow restructuring with excuses, it will be “You’re fired”. He won’t quit the job, it’s just a question of how involved he’ll be day to day on anything but his pet issues.

Quite right. Other candidates have the reputation of at least being able to focus on an issue, and actually be interested in learning about the world around them, even if they can’t name the leader of Whatsthenameofitstan. Other candidates have at least some political experience as well. Other candidates also have some understanding of how government (as opposed to business) works.

Like George Bush Jr.? Perception and reality can be quite different, Trump at least is showing us what he is. And those qualities you have listed don’t have a great record at producing positive results. One thing that benefits Trump in this election is the extension of focus on this kind of superficiality instead of any deep examination of the job of the next president. It’s always been this way, just more so now. The major question in this election is going to be change. Hillary promises to continue the direction of the Obama administration, Trump promises change. Guess what? People tend to choose change when an incumbent is not running. When elections get reduced to those simple terms we all end up losing. I’m not investing in any US Savings Bonds no matter who wins this election.

Trump has completely showed us who he is.

A narcissistic, racist that doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. This is clear.

Born on third base with a silver spoon in his mouth he expects everyone to bow to his desires and service him.

That nearly half of the US is also racist stuns me. I suspect that the ‘never Hillary’ group are mostly simple minded misogynists. Just like Trump is.

I write this as a 55 year old married male. Mostly middle of the road but a bit left leaning.

Make no mistake, if Trump becomes President, he plans to help no one but himself.

He wants to BE president, but he doesn’t want to SERVE as president.

I think he sees it as another money making scheme and then stiff the contractors.

“Hey, America, you fucked up. You trusted me.”

He’s not wrong either. He’s making good money on the campaign. Winning would be a windfall.

He certainly got a lot of free press for his new Washington hotel yesterday under the guise of a “press conference.” Free advertising, why not. This running for POTUS shtick seems to be loaded with benefits for him.

He definitely wants to be head of state, the ceremonial and public face of the US government and its people. It’s the closest thing the US has to nobility. He also wants to set the course for the US government in the future.

He’ll hire people to attend to the details, and let them run things. Not much different from when Reagan was in office. Trump voters are Reagan voters, with a generation’s worth of bitterness and rage added in.

For whom.

Or are you talking about windfalls that destroy large parts of forest, homes and infrastructure, and the people affected must pick up the pieces.

Trump has very much planned for his post-loss career. He successfully conned the Republican Party into thinking that he would self-fund his campaign: he has not. Monies directed to his campaign have been loans. Expenses have been restrained, except to the extent that they have been directed at Trump owned organizations. He is planning a conservative media company to compete with Fox News.

A Trump Presidency would be very lucrative however. Sending governmental contracts to Trump organizations could make him the 10-billionaire that he dreams of becoming. Presidents have a great deal of discretionary power. He can order underlings to conduct illegal acts, then pardon them if they get into trouble with the law. He can expand the power of domestic intelligence services in the name of terrorism and hand the keys over to his close advisor Roger Ailes. He can alienate our allies and empower his foreign endorsers Vladimir Putin of Russia and Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

He would enjoy that sort of thing. This is a guy who likes rallying the crowd to beat up protestors after all.

Financial windfall. For Trump.

As a democrat that owns guns, the possibility of Trump as president is why I’m going to keep them.