I guess they REALLY don't want me!

A year or so ago I posted about a promotion I applied for, and the impersonal, opaque, and IMO irrational process whereby I was told my 20+ year career did not qualify me to even complete the application process.

Well, it opened up again, and like an idiot, I reworked my materials and submitted them. Long story short, I got rejected again. Which is no big deal, because if nothing else the process convinced me that I really didn’t want the job (which I maintain I am exceptionally qualified for and would be tremendous at). And I’m pretty pleased with my current job. I pretty much viewed this last applic like a lottery ticket. So it really didn’t bother me much to learn I was bounced again.

However, today as I hear of one after another of my co-workers with half my experience or less making it past this first cut-off, I can’t say it is putting me in a great mood. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess by whatever their standards I really am not qualified for the position!

I had that happen to me recently, and it was the same job I’d applied for a year back.

I should take some comfort in the fact that the job keeps coming up as no one will work for this particular person for very long. Hmm. Perhaps being rejected is a GOOD thing!

It’s possible that you have more experience than the person who is hiring, and they might not want that.

I would inquire as to specific areas in which I was not qualified. You could couch it in terms of wanting to know so you can better prepare for the position, in order to avoid appearing to be a troublemaker.

Big bureaucracy, form communication. No explanation of any kind given other than “you are not among the most highly qualified applicants…”

You can appeal - but how the hell do you appeal something that opaque? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a friend who got to the interview process at a company and got rejected by email. Then he got another email about a month later, rejecting him again. Guess they wanted to make sure it stuck!


Usually when I heard that it meant two things:

  1. Someone, usually underqualified, was already groomed/chosen for the position out of nepotism or whatever.
  2. I needed to get out of a place where that stuff happened.

Hell, since you’re not going to get the job anyway, report them to EEOC for age discrimination.