I had 3/4 of a great interview, but I'm really kicking myself about the last part

Had an interview today. It followed a phone interview last week. I met my potential bosses (my direct-report and her boss) and had a great conversation with them. One of them had to take a call, and I continued speaking with the boss, which also went really well. I was calm, well-spoken, and genuinely interested in learning about them and the job. I asked great questions, too.

Then I had to take 2 tests. One a proofing test, and one a graphic test. I think I aced the proofing test- I’m usually pretty good at those. For some reason, I thought that I had more time on the graphic test- I don’t know what I was thinking. I knew I had finished the other early and got started on the next one, thinking I would be able to use that extra time, while still thinking I had longer than I thought. AND I was working on somebody’s laptop, which is not my most comfortable work station, so it slowed me down.

So there I was, halfway through, and the lady says time’s up. UGH. NOT my best moment. I didn’t complain or anything, just commented that I thought I had longer. I asked a few more questions (the boss was out of the room at this point) and shook her hand and thanked her and left.

UGH. I feel so dejected. I really want this job, but I’m not sure they want somebody who got halfway done on the main test. :(:(:(:frowning:

I guess I’ll send them a thank you card and hope for the best…

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Man, that stinks. But give yourself credit for the great interview. Many people have a difficult time with thing like that. Kudos for keeping your composure!

Keep positive thoughts… and good luck!

I once came back to re-take a typing test for a job interview where I otherwise blew them away. I didn’t do any better on the typing test the second time, but I got the job anyway.

You might consider letting them know you were not at your best for that test and would like a chance to re-take it if possible. If they liked you during the face-to-face, they might not want to disqualify you.