I Had a Bad Dream Today...

This was about revenge.

 I get the dream that this guy is hogtying me and leaving me to die in the school's boiler room. I'm trying to escape, and I'm crying for help because he hadn't put the gag on me yet. 
 So I'm screaming and crying, and he goes "Shut up! SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU HEAR ME?!" So then he gets sick of me screaming and crying and he pulls my head up and wraps duct tape around my mouth. 

 He then gets up, and walks into the corner. He brings a can of something, I'm not sure what it is, because I can't read what it says on the side, but I'm pretty sure it was gasoline. He goes "You fucking bitch, I'll make you fucking pay for what you did.", and proceeds to douse me with the gasoline. 

 Right about now, it's obvious what he is about to do to me, yet  it doesn't happen.

 It sort of shifts to another scene, and all of a sudden I'm tied up in ropes now, and he's sitting down in front of me, visibly amused by me trying to struggle out. 
 I remember that I kept a razorblade in my pocket and I try to get it out. The blade is so far down in my pocket that it cuts my fingers trying to get it out. 
 I do manage to get it out, and there is blood all over my hands and in my pocket, and all over the floor. In my struggle, I fail to realize that I cut my wrist and am now dying a slow, painful death.

 "You cut your wrist. You're gonna die."

 "What?" "You're gonna die."

 His voice echoes through my dream, and through my head until I wake up, and even now, I still hear the voice saying:

“You’re gonna die.” :frowning:

If you want my sympathy you’ve got it.

But I personally find bad dreams exhilerating. My most recent one was something to think about for a good few days.

If you’re so worried about dying maybe the point of the dream was to confront this fear. Or maybe it means you’re going to die. Who am I to say? Brake lines get cut by accident all the time. Although more often if you cross the dastardly character of Griffon G. Graverly.

Although I might remark I always thought death by blood loss was supposed to be a relatively unpainful death. That’s why it’s so popular, isn’t it? Bah.