I had a semi-lucid dream last night!

I don’t usually remember my dreams, so I’m not sure if this is a first for me or what, but I had a lucid dream last night, more or less. The details are pretty sketchy, but at some point I had stolen a bus and was driving it around. Eventually, the cops caught me, but the dream had moved onto something really interesting, and I didn’t want to be distracted by being arrested. I knew that if I concentrated hard enough, I could make it so that I had never stolen the bus. I tried it, and lo and behold, the cops disappeared! I say it was a semi-lucid dream, because I wasn’t really aware that I was dreaming, and after that, I didn’t control where the dream went or what I did, but for just a second there, in my dream, I could bend reality to my every whim. It was pretty neat!

Later, the dream turned into something about an epic war between armies of insects, and Dave Chapelle turned out to be a being of pure evil. Not really sure what that was all about.

Just wait till you have an erotic lucid dream. You’ll never want to wake up. :smiley:

Oddly enough, I have erotic dreams at about the same frequency as I have lucid dreams - seldom to never. Kind of disappointing, but on the other hand, I’ve never had to do any “emergency clean up” upon waking, so I guess there’s an upside.

I almost never remember my dreams, let alone have lucid ones. Except for one time when I was about 12, I realized I was dreaming, while I was dreaming. Nothing fantastic. I was talking to some girls on a playground, and didn’t want to offend them by telling them they were figments of my imagination. For some reason I remember that. I also remember a dream from when I was about three, which involved the family car flying off a cliff into a swamp, and my parents leaving me with a monster, who had a cage full of toys, whille they went off for help. I tricked the monster into letting me out of the cage (which he lived in, as well), locking him in, then urinating on him.

Dreams are funny things.

Last week I dreamt that a friend of mine (a handsome funny black man) was a pure evil vampire, but the only one of us brave enough to venture outside the school walls into a world infested by dinosaurs and–get this–giant insects. What’s going on?

I told him; he was really pleased.


Wierd. Although my insect armies were to normal insect scale. They also all looked cartoony, sort of like if the guy who drew the animated fleas for the Raid commercials branched out to other bugs.

On reflection, I have had other dreams that could be almost described as lucid. Whenever I start having a nightmare, I usually realize that I’m dreaming and can wake myself up. A very handy talent, but I’ve never before been able to alter the content of a dream without breaking out of it completely.

Another oddity: I’ve never (that I can recall) dreamed of being able to fly. I do, however, have recurring dreams of being able to levitate. Also, the common nightmare about being chased? I have those a lot, but they’re never nightmares. They’re always amazing fun, because in them I can run like an Olympian and pull crazy Jackie Chan stunts. The faceless evil forces trying to catch me are always bumbling into each other or falling off roofs while I spring dramatically to safety.

I had a really weird dream last night. I was partying with a bunch of people and Clint Eastwood told me I had a good memory.

Huh. I’ve been getting the opposite lately: dreams where at some point I realize it’s a dream, but the only thing I can really do is make myself wake up.

I’ve never had a lucid dream. The closest thing I had was this nightmare I had as a kid where I was trapped in a burning building with my older brother and Sean Connery. After having tried to escape in several different ways I basically told myself “There’s only one possibility left, and that is to hope this is a dream and wake up from it. If this isn’t a dream, you’re screwed, but you’ve got to take the chance”. I did, and woke up.

I used to have fully lucid, controllable dreams almost every night when I was in elementary school. I really miss them! I found out about all the cool stuff I could have done in my lucid dreams several years after the fact, and have failed to have one since. I’m starting to have hypnogogic dream-like hallucinations, though, which are a lot of fun for me (even though apparently they’re terrifying for most people; mine have no shadow of malevolence, which I’m glad for), though. I’m hoping I can explore that and even do it lucidly some day (night).

Miller, you may find this site very interesting if you aren’t already aware of it.

No, you died. This world is the dream. Bummer, I know. :wink:

I used to have lucid dreams all the time – not always the “I’m aware that I’m dreaming and I can control everything” type, but they would be ultra-vivid and seem to last a LONG time. One dream, in particular, seemed to last for several years. I met a woman, got married, had kids, and watched them graduate from college by the time I woke up (now I know how Lucy & her siblings felt, when they exited the wardrobe after several years in Narnia.)

Then there was the dream where Guardian Spirits of the Matrix tried to attack & kill me in my dream, and they kept attacking after I woke up…but I’ll save that story for a different thread.

I suffer from insomnia, so I nap, usually for no more than an hour or so. I do, however dream alot. My semi-lucid dreams occur when I am bone tired. I tune the tv to a movie and turn the volume way down…Sometimes my dreams will follow similar plot lines to the movie (with a few dream quirks).

This can be quite disconcerting if it is a sci-fi movie, and I wake up groggy.