While sleeping, can people have
full control of their dreams while
in REM?

People can have control of their dreams, or at least believe they do, or dream that they do. This is not common among most people. I have read about other people experiencing it, but only experienced it on one occasion myself. Naturally, I controlled it into an erotic direction, which unfortunately quickly woke me up, and I couldn’t get back into it.

Presumably they are in REM at the time (REM is associated with dreaming), but I do not know of any studies associating REM specifically with controlled dreams.

Ì don’t have full control of my dreams, but I do seem to have full control of my nightmares. In fact, I don’t have nightmares and haven’t since I was in my early teens (I’m 29 now) - whenever something really bad is happening in my dream, or is about to happen, I “dream” myself saying “Well it’s OK because it’s only a dream” and then I wake up. Does this happen to anyone else? I don’t know how I do this.

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Yup, if I start to get too tense in a dream, my conscious voice says, “Relax - it’s just a dream.” My sister claims her conscious voice is also a critic, “Oh, come on, you must be dreaming - you can’t really kill anyone with a broomstick!”

Sometimes it seems that I can control my dreams and other times I can’t. When I was a kid (in the early 80’s) and I was in the middle of a particularly horrible nightmare, I would pry my eyes open in the dream, and actually do it in real life too, causing myself to wake up and the dream to end.
Other times, I would find myself in a dull or pointless dream and just will the dream to change to something more interesting.

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well-im not a psychologist and i dont have a PhD or anything, hell, i dont even have a high school diploma but i can tell you of my personal experience of dreams.
there have been and still are times that during a dream I realize im having a dream. At that point i can either wake mself up-or control the dream. i normally realize that im dreaming when an extraordinarilly absurd event takes place during an extraordinarilly
vivid dream.
In my dreams ive been in situations where i would be in a tunnel with hundreds of people who have bad intentions toward me. i would realize “this is a dream” and morph into something outta spawn or men in black and literally rip those unfortunate people to shreads.
Another thing ive found about realizing your in a dream is a sudden rush of an emotion i can only describe as raw power and extreme ecstacy. although i cannot remember ever in my life feeling such en emotion out of a dream, when i wake up from them the emotion is still lingering in my body. I works both ways- Ive had dreams where i didnt realize it was a dream till i woke up. I wouldve been dreaming about something depressing when i woke i would still feel depressed
any way i hope i have cleared things up for you a little. most likely ive confused you even more.

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I have also gotten out of real nasty nightmares by reminding myself it’s a dream.

What mikNY describes is called “lucid dreaming”. Some people claim you can learn to do this.

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I’ve always really wanted to control my dreams. Trouble is, I very rarely realize I’m dreaming.

I remember one time, I drempt I was in a haunted house, and I was scared, and then I realized I was dreaming. So I thought “I’m gonna control my dream.” This witch came up to me, and I said “No, go away, this is my dream! I command you!” Instead, she screamed and started chasing me, and I ran.

Guess it doesn’t work for me. :slight_smile:

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I wish I could remember more of my dreams. I know they say you have to wake up in REM to even be able to recall your dreams…I think I have that right anyhow…but it seems I have alot more nights now where I don’t recall dreaming, more so then I ever used to. Sometimes, lately I wake up and can remember only a fraction or small part of my dream then it fades mostly by mid day…

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I took a dream analysis course a while back and there is a trick to remembering your dreams.

You dream every night but the memory of them fades pretty fast. But, you can “train” youself to remember more. The trick is to put a notebook beside your bed and every morning when you wake up write down anything you can remember of your dreams in the notebook. Do this every day. At first you won’t remember much but put down anything you can.

After a week or so you will find you will be remembering more and more details and you will remember more dreams. We did this for the class and it actually works.

Supposedly if you do this long enough you can start “remembering” you are dreaming while you are dreaming. This leads to lucid dreaming. I never got that far personally.

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