I had the best night last night...

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I run a blog covering the Idols show here in South Africa. It’s been a very pleasant success, and turned into great opportunities for me here, and I’m actually starting to work my way into the entertainment media arena. Mostly, it’s just been great fun for me, as well as an excellent opportunity.

At last week’s show I found out that some of the contestants have been following my blog religiously, reading what I say about them, which I found both flattering and a bit worrisome. I always offer up my honest opinion, good or bad, so I was a little worried that some of the contestants that I haven’t been very complimentary of would be annoyed with me. There is one in particular who just wasn’t capturing me with her performances, although her singing ability was excellent. She just wasn’t connecting to me on an emotional level. So last week, after I asked if I could take her picture, she asked if she could speak to me. “Here it comes,” I thought, “She’s gonna lay into me.”

Instead, she asked me how I had liked that evening’s performance, and I told her honestly that for the first time, I had loved it. She was pleased, and asked me what recommendations I might have to be able to better connect with the audience or just generally improve her performance. We chatted a bit, and I jokingly said that she could email me any time for advice.

Anyway, when the song selections for this week’s show were announced, I posted my regular update, along with my vision of what her approach should be. Basically, to stick the mic on a stand and do a rockstar performance. Cut to last night’s show, where she is the first one singing. As they play the insert before her song, I see the mic stand come out, and I start grinning. “No way,” I think… Tell me she’s not going to do what I said!

Sure enough, she came out, and her performance was exactly what I had envisioned, and it rocked the house. I couldn’t help but wonder… Had she actually taken my advice? So after the show, as I was taking pictures, I had to ask. “You didn’t happen to… read the blog last week?” She just gave me a huge grin and said she had, and had thought it was an excellent suggestion. So she took it and ran with it.

It might sound silly, or mundane and pointless, but it was definitely a thrill to know that she had actually liked my idea - and used it! Her mother came up to me later and asked me if I had seen that her daughter had “stolen” my idea. And her father - apparently one of the foremost bass players in the country - also came up and commended me. It was great.

So it was a great start. Then one of the PR people came up to me and asked me if I was still planning on doing a blog for one of their new shows. I said that I was, as soon as the Idols season was over. So she invited me to the set to watch the show being filmed and to meet the actors and crew. How cool is that? Well, for me, it’s very cool.

My blog is doing far better than I could have dreamed, I’m being taken seriously by both the PR people and, apparently, the contestants, and I’m having the time of my life. And everyone I see there - from station executives to camera operators - stops me to say hello. I guess it sounds like shameless bragging, but honestly, it just feels really, really nice, especially since before September, I knew about 4 people in the entire country.

MPSIMS, definitely. I just had to share!!

That must be really cool. And how nice to know that your advice is considered worth taking.

Wow, sounds like a great time! It’s great to see ppl read your work, take your suggestions, and have them work out so well, isn’t it? I bet there’s still a huge grin on your face. . .

Enjoy it. Life throws enough curve balls at us: When you put one over the fences, you need to get maximum joy. :slight_smile:

Just remember, you’ll be responsible for creating an Idol and Chthulu does not like that.