I had to put my cat to sleep - bye Merlymoo!

My cat Merlin was 14 and had failing kidneys, heart valves, thyroid and arthritis - and remained to the end the sweetest tempered cat anyone I know has ever met. Would also eat anything that sat still long enough, at his biggest was around 11kg, and liked to sit on my chest, which made it hard to breathe!

Over the past week he completely went off his food, and so yesterday we made the decision yesterday to put him to sleep. He had a great day in the sun, with lots of hugs and people visiting, and the end was very peaceful and quick. Bye best cat, I’m sure they have flowers, cicadas and beef wherever you are…

Creepy! My cat Merlyn is 13 years old with similar color pattern… He’s getting old, but apart from being a little clutzy he’s OK.

Sorry to hear about your kitty. It’s a rare beast that gets so many years. Condolences and stuff.

What a cute cat. It sounds like his last day here was the best a cat could hope for. How are you doing? I know it’s hard losing a pet.

That’s really tough. You did the best thing for him – it sounds like he had a wonderful life with you.

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I’m so sorry. It’s not an easy decision to make, but you did the right thing. I put my sweet kitty Mog down a couple years ago…I still miss him.

All my best to you and Merlin. Life is a journey, he awaits you at the end.

I am sorry to hear your of your loss. Sending warm thoughts your way.

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I know it was a hard descision for you… a peaceful end to a happy life is the last gift we can give our animal friends. Know that he will live on in your memories of him.

Merlin was such a cutie! I’ll pet my kitties extra in his memory today.

Maybe your Merlin and my Trouble (lost to me 2/18/05) are lying in the sunshine together.

I’m so very sorry, Girl. What a cutie!

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I’m so sorry for your loss Girl From Mars. I’m sure Merlin is feasting on beef, chasing cicadas and pouncing flowers all over the place today.

I’m so sorry for your loss. Hugs.

::wipes tears away::
oh, why do I read these threads

I’m sorry for your loss, GfM. :frowning:

RIP sweet little Merlin.

hugs, sends up a prayer for Merlin :frowning: