I has a new job as of today.

I’ve been trying to get back in there for a little while, but the only way they approve re-hires is by having the freakin’ head of HR approve it personally, and he’s been out of the country on vacation for the past two weeks. They told me that they’d call me as soon as he approved me or not. They told me they’d call me by Monday, and they don’t like making their HR office phone number easily obtainable, so I’ve just been waiting for the call. Today I decided to just go down there and ask them what was going on.

As soon as I told them my name, they said “Yep, you’re approved”. I already knew as much, but they had to make it official. So, I had a couple of interviews, and qualified for the highest level of tech support. :smiley: Obviously the pay is better than the other grades, but the cool thing is that the first thing they’ll do is pay for me to get A+ certified, which can’t be a bad thing for my resume.

So, that made today a little better.

Congrats to you!! Sounds like you’re having a grand day. Best of luck at the new job.

Thank you.

That’s great! When do you start?


It would have been Monday, but that’s Labor Day, so next Monday. I don’t have to work Saturdays, so I get to watch mah Buckeyes march toward another title again! If I can find a place to watch 'em that is. Stupid Big Ten Network :rolleyes:.

I’ve seen several signs where it says you can watch the game. I think a lot of restaurants and bars are going to do really good business on Saturday.



Congrats! No Saturday work is excellent if you can manage it. (Go Bucks.)

Well it’s not like they’re playing anyone important this weekend, right? I mean, I only know they’re playing YSU because that’s where I worked until June 1.

Of course, the Tressel connection there makes it interesting, to a point, but it’s not like this game matters (unless YSU were to out of the blue win, in which case I’d cheer. But I’m a Vols fan anyway).
Congrats on the new job, by the way. :slight_smile:

The same can be said for every game except one.


Thank you.

Maybe a Buckeye game would be a good excuse for a low commitment “Dopefest”. We could pick a game or two, and just meet up to watch it. No traveling or big production involved. Since all Buckeye games are fun, it’s basically a guaranteed good time.

Wishing you luck and joy in your new position! :slight_smile: