I hate being Italian!

Dammit, I’m Irish and I can’t hold my booze for shit!

Oddly enough, being Indian, I should be more susceptible to alcohol than most… not only can I hold liquor, I don’t get hung over. Sweet. :smiley:

Dot or feather Indian, tigger?

I’m italian and tremendously hairy. Except for the sudden affliction of male-pattern baldness. My excuse is that my scalp has migrated south…

But my last name is german…some kind of adoption fiasco a couple of generations back. So I had both Hitler and Mussolini (and davinci and beethoven)

but I can really hold my liquor, though I think it’s more due to lots of practice than heritage.

My wife, on the other hand, is of puerto rican decent. She has almost no hair other than her head. We’ve been married six years, and she’s not shaved a leg yet, and they’re smooth as glass. and if she has more than one glass of wine, i’ve got to carry her drunk-ass home. i just don’t get it.

so, what can you do. accept your fate as designated yeti and move on.

Italians are great. Great heritage. Great dark looks. Great culture. Great food. Wonderful temperment (except for the Mafia). Italy is great to have a vacation in. If I weren’t something else, I wouldn’t mind being Italian.

By the way, southern Italians came from Greece and Phoenicia way way back. They’re not European, that’s where all this hair comes from.


I started using it. (I have an overactive adrenal gland.) Too soon to tell how effective it is, but my skin hasn’t fallen off in protest yet. This is a plus.

Do me a small favor–report to me about your results in a few months–I’d like to hear how that’s working out for you. Many thanks in advance.

Then, stop. :slight_smile:

Tell everybody that you’re a Gypsy, or Circassian.

Then you’ll be exotic.

Oh, I thought you said Cardassian. That would deflect all criticism.

I think I got the “best” of all worlds…
Feather-Indian (that’s a funny way to put it) cheekbones, Celt hair color, Dutch/Feather-Indian skin tone, German intelligence (think Einstein), English manners, Irish temper, Scot frugality.
But I’ve never drank, so we’ll see about all that later.

Marcie would really like to know what this process involves and where to find more information on it–please?

As anyone invented the full-body hot-wax treatment?

Where you jump into a tub of the stuff?

Didn’t David Letterman do that one sweeps week? :smiley: