I hate diuretics -or- this is Me Time these days. TMI

Wife is disappointed that I’m not visiting tonight, but my legs are killing me. I have lymphedema and my calves are so bloated they are developing sores where the excess fluid tries to escape. I should take a diuretic more often, but they work too well and I need to find seven hours to devote to pissing.
I’ve pissed off a couple liters (I piss into a bucket to save time because I’m currently on the Every Three Minutes plan) in the past 2 hours.*

Anyway, she’s lonesome because there isn’t a washroom every three minutes between here and her nursing home, and acts hurt. Great. I feel bad enough for her without guilt piled upon me, but, unlike her, I have functioning kidneys that just need a reminder. I’ll be 12-16 pounds lighter tomorrow, my knees will bend so I won’t faceplant into a bush like the other night, and they will hurt less to minimize accidents. (Grumbling) She’s not the only one with problems.

    • 8 pee breaks between start and finish. I type slowly on a tablet, and I think my plan has changed to Every Two Minutes. Another liter bites the dust–er–mud. :wink:

Sorry to hear it.

How’s your wife doing?

Still wants to die, but isn’t pushing it so hard. It’s wearing me out so I’m not pushing for a promotion. A supervisor pal whose congregation meets in the park building across the street, where Wife used to work, being “sexton” to everybody from Liberal Catholics to Hindus, has us both in his prayers because he knows how it’s grinding me down. “It’s what I do.” It brings, and is bringing, tears to my eyes. I have him five days a week. I wish he lived closer to her.

That’s rough.

I fear I can’t help with the mental anguish, other than acknowledging your pain, and extending sympathy.

However, you may want to consider Stadium Pal to give your life more flexibility. A condom catheter with a leg bag, it can extend your range.

I hope you and your wife find peace.

Hah! I’ve boiled off better than a gallon by now, Doc. Next to useless, heavy on the embarrassing. If I want potentially embarrassing I have McCups in the back seat, living, as I have, on drive-thru these 5 months.

I can only offer my long-distance best wishes. I hope better times lie ahead. Life can be a right bitch sometimes.

Thanks. T’was a time she was the funniest person on the planet. (If you knew her you’d know.) For 20 years it’s been falling asleep watching game shows and Star Trek/Wars. I’m at a loss.