I hate hurricanes!!

I live in Orlando, which has had it’s share of hurricane issues this year. But good old Hurricane Irene has just puched me over the edge. I WAS scheduled to take the GMAT on Saturday, but Nooooo. It has been postponed because of the possible bad weather. Arrrggghh. I’ll get over it, and I fully expect to do well (when it’s rescheduled) but this does kind of make the whole preparing seem like a waste of time. OK, getting calmer now. I think I could use a nap now.

Yes, the weather is the same up here. Yes, I play basketball. No, never heard a tall joke before. Aaaargh.

Ouch! I know the feeling of trying to peak just in front of the Big Test (or Big Game or Big Meeting or even Big Date), only to have the thing pulled out from under you.

It sucks to be you today, Oh Worshiper of Everyone’s St. John’s Alumnus.

But you’ll kick ass and take names when the time comes. So batten down the hatches, cancel the nap and treat yourself to a hurricane party.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Yeah! Fuck hurricanes! I am still smarting from spending 6 hours trying to get from St. Augustine to I-10 last September!

Hurricanes definitely suck ass, but have you ever maybe considered the fact that the forces of natures seem to be aligning themselves against the presence of homo sapiens on the peninsula? FLoods, fires, tornados, hurricanes. . . sounds like the wrath of the super/natural to me.

Sorry about your test, then. Grab yourself a nice cool sixer of Natural Ice to calm down. Then keep studying. Niether using nor abusing one’s brain is ever done in vain.

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-V. Nabokov

Yeah!! Fuck the Hurricanes!!!

Go Gators!

Georges about did for me last year. All that time spent in the car, only for it to turn and miss us (I live in N.O. BTW). We lost a bunch of “OFF” days at school because we had to wait for everyone to get back to the city.
I don’t hate 'em, I just wish they’d make up their minds, the lousy @#?!^%$*.

White Wolf

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Sure it hurricanes suck, but let’s see what you have to say come January when it is 70 degress outside and I’m in Chicago freezing my butt off.

Markxxx, there’s little chance the Chicago cold will pull the roof off your house or flood your living room.

Hurricanes suck donkeys. Irene just passed by, my power was out all night. I can be thankful that it was basically the first cool night of the year, if this had happened last week it would have been a miserable night.

Yesterday was supposed to be the yearly Employee Appreciation day where I work, and the company was going to take us on a cruise on the intracoastal waterway. DOH!!! Instead of a cruise, I was sitting in a dark house listening to the radio and watching candles flicker.

Now the road is flooded in front of my house, and I’m not sure I can drive through it.

All in all though, I still feel pretty lucky. Hope that luck lasts.

Between tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes, I’ll take hurricanes.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Actually, this is the third hurricane this season to take direct aim at Orlando, only to skirt it instead. Right now, as the storm is passing my latitude, we’re looking at maybe 25 mph winds and about a half inch of rain. Granted, we live in the southwest part of town, and I understand the east side got it a little worse, but still, all hype and no punch.


Cold weather is well know to break pipes and flood your home. A hurricane is over in a day. Cold weather last weeks.

Having lived through Andrew I’ll take my chances in FL rather than the cold of Chicago.

If I had a car I’d move back to FL in a minute.

hmmm well I’m sorry about the test…but being from North Carolina…thank your lucky stars that you have somewhere to take a nap…Hurricane Floyd destroyed us…many people lost their homes, their cars, and their method of making a living…never to have it returned to them…so ya know…don’t feel too bad about missing the test…at least it can be rescheduled

Well, they hate you, too! That’s why they’re always coming to kick your ass! And your neighbors’ collective asses, as well! And it’s all your fault! I told you, & told you :“Don’t mess with that hurrican’s car!” But would you listen? <font size=4>NOOOOO!</font>
Now, everybody has to suffer , allbecause of you. Are’nt you ashamed? :wink: