I hate it that Ziploc-type bags come sealed!

It seems every time that I need to use a resealable bag while cooking or preparing a meal, I have stuff on my hands (due to bad planning on my part). I always hate it when I grab that resealable bag from the box with the fractionally clean bits of fingertips I have available, only to find the bag sealed and needing to be opened.


So I do, and in the process smear food debris all over the bag.


I’d be willing to gamble with the bags not being fully sanitized due to air getting into the box if it meant I never had to worry about going through this.

Now don’t even get me started on bags that are not only sealed, but also have the insides so statically bonded that it’s like pealing in two a single spiece of plastic .


Anyway, I just needed to vent without dumping this in the Pit.

I know someone who works for Ziploc. I might see this person sometime in the next couple of months. I will try and remember to ask about/communicate this issue to him. If I remember to do that, I might remember to come back here and tell you what he has to say about it.

In the meantime, now that your hands are clean, go get the box of ziploc bags, and open each bag and put them back in the box. Problem solved, at least until you run out of bags!

They are sealed due to the manufacturing process involved. Raw materials are 2 sheets of the plastic bag and 2 sealed/joined strips of the zipper part. Put the two zipper parts at each long edge of the sheets and between them. One heat sealer down the middle to make 2 lines of joined bags. And a rotating drum of heat sealers that cut the bags apart. The zipper bits are put together so that they always line up in the finished product.

The easy way to open zipper baggies is to pinch about an inch or so from the end of a zipper and perform a finger snapping motion. That slides the zippers along each other until the tension differential causes them to pop apart. Stick two fingers in the opening and pull one down the zipper to finish opening the bag.

You can buy bags with sliders along the top edge. Slide it one way, bag open. Slide it the other way, bag sealed. They actually work more like a zipper. Probably a bit more expensive, but at least you don’t have to struggle with them.

I would like Ziploc, and other baggie companies, to find a way to make sure husbands get the right size of baggie when they go the store. Yeah, I know the size is on the box, but apparently this is not enough. I have a cupboard full of snack size baggies that I have no use for, because my husband just sees a baggie box, and thinks, “Hey! Baggies for snacks! I eat snacks!” I think they need a relative size chart like they have on the packages of feminine hygene products.

They have size charts on feminine hygiene products? :open_mouth:

Feminine hygiene products have Ziplocs?

“Excuse me, which aisle has bleach? Thank you…”

Yeah, its totally awsome if you forget what a ‘nighttime size’ is in relationship to a ‘shield’ or a ‘maxi’. It helps to know that an’ultra’ size is actually one size smaller than a ‘super ultra’.

This stuff is good to know when the ‘real men’ have to go out and buy emergency supplies.

Another bad thing about baggies coming sealed is that the static cling causes your weed to stick to the sides.

On a related note, has the ziploc for prepackaged cheese ever freak’n worked right?

Usually I end up tearing the package too close to the zip part, making it near impossible to open after closed. Or, it somehow tears below the zip part, making me have to repackage the damn cheese. This is for the cheese slices, btw.

Don’t even get me started on the packaged block of cheese with the ziploc feature and that the cheese block can’t fit through until about a 1/3 of it has been consumed. The package always seems to split completely open at the zipper seam when trying to get the block out.

Oooooh! I hate it, too!

Because of an on-the-job injury, I have only one functioning hand (although I still have three fingers and half my thumb on my right hand, nothing bends) and I have to use my teeth to open those damn bags!

All the Ziploc bags in my house that have anything in them have teeth marks on one side. :smiley:

I have a system. Then again, I have a system for everything.

I buy groceries every Saturday. I usually buy enough steaks for the week. I take out the appropriate number of ziploc baggies to repack the meat before freezing and use a Sharpie to put the date I bought it and what type of meat it is on the label area. Then I open the baggie, breaking the seal and put it aside. When I’m done labeling, I open the meat and repack it. I keep one hand clean and one hand “wet”, as in the one that handles the meat. The wet hand only touches the inside of the baggie, and the clean hand only touches the outside of the bag and is used to seal the ziploc when I’m done.

Easy Peasey, meat’s in the freezy. And the bags stay clean. It’s my system and I like it.

As far as the weed thing goes, the secret is this: Don’t use the ziplocs. Use the old school Glad bags with the fold over flap. The plastic is thinner and is less conducive to static. Pull one out of the box, turn it inside out, and then rub the sides together like you were washing your socks. That takes most of the static right out.

…or so I’ve heard…