I hate Jacksonville Nazis

Seriously - WTF is going on in Jacksonville and elsewhere in Florida? Someone (or several someones) has been projecting Neo-Nazi messages on the sides of buildings.

I mean, this is hardly the only incident involving an increased prominence in neo-Nazi sentiment but still, someone seems determined to turn the volume up to 11 on the quiet parts.

Why is this a surprise? Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a picture-perfect aspiring fascist, and while he has been canny enough to not attack Jewish people, favoring instead public health experts, educators, LGBTQ people, and other suitably distrusted and marginalized groups, he provides an example and incentive to all flavors of bigotry and hatred.


Forget it Jake, it’s Florida. I’ve stopped trying to figure out why 90% of the most fucked up things in the country happen in that embarrassing protuberance.

The upside is, when the rest of the country gets fed up, the protuberance can just be fenced off.

There is no quiet part for the republican party.

In fairness to Florida, a lot of the reason we hear about every drunk AH who goes into a gas station naked there is the very broad public record access laws in Florida. It is not as easy to peruse the police blotters in Yuba City California as it is Jacksonville. The crazy stuff that went down in Rio Linda, CA usually only spread by word of mouth, not on the filler pages of other state’s papers or on the countless drive time radio shows looking for something to mock.

Oh, not to worry, the entire f. place will be underwater before it comes to that. [I say that as someone who has fallen in love with the flora and fauna that it currently harbors and will mourn said disaster-in-waiting]

Still cannot believe the fucker won in a landslide this past Nov. Recall this is a state that Obama won handily, twice. Now they elect soulless abominations like DeathSatan & Skeletor, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. [Yeah propping up the corpse of Charlie Crist up against RD didn’t help]

I am moving to Ohio this spring, and won’t regret my choice one bit, even if they aren’t much better. Note a plume of wildfire smoke currently is hovering overhead so I cannot open my windows on an otherwise beatific day.

As this is happening in Florida, I can’t see it as a surprise. Florida seems to be run by, and welcoming to intolerant, fearful bigots. Why not nazis, too? Seems a logical progression.

It would be awesome if you were moving from Miami to Miami.

I have some family in Florida, and when they suggested we visit them some time, I blurted out “Florida is a cesspool.” I can’t even visit there right now.

Fortunately my SIL just laughed and said, “But it’s our cesspool.”

I feel bad for saying that to Floridians. But it is a complete shitshow and I don’t want the state to have any of my tourism dollars until they clean their shit up.

The prejudicial crap in Florida is amazing - given the high population of Latinos, Jews of various types, Blacks, and the Fabulous drawn to the party environments.

And while a lot of Florida [and the world’s coastal areas] will end up flooded, hopefully [heh] they will smarten up and simply pull the humans out of much of Florida [and similar areas] and let nature reassert itself and give the animal/critter population a habitat [ eventually] to stabilize in. When the water refreezes into the poles and we get land back, hopefully we will keep in mind the need for stable habitats - the everglades is not just a swamp, it is the water purification and holding system for the entire state.

While I would never ever in a thousand lifetimes live in Florida, I will occasionally vacation there - we have military friends who retired to the area, and my uncle and his family moved there with my grandparents when my Grandfather retired [well, a winter home, he kept his summer house in western NY and the one in Canada] so for short times it is OK - just not the theme parks, neither of us is into crowds.

Now that is so incorrect I can’t even figure out where to start. Hmmmm. Kari Lake. Cyber Ninjas, testing ground for machines that only took one single drop of blood to properly diagnosis cancer.

I made no comment about the percentage of good things. I’m sure some of the trains even run on time.

Arizona has a Miami, too, but a reputation not much different than Ohio’s.

The perplexing appeal of Florida.

I have family in Missouri and feel the same way. “You want me to come visit? Tell your state to clean up it’s act!”

With just one extra pen stroke, Ohio becomes, “Oh no”!..just ask around at NASA

For what it’s worth, this ranking of hate crimes by state puts Florida at 25th in the country, while states like California, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts are in the top ten.

Maybe they’re recruiting, like the Klan reportedly was in Indiana in November of 2016.

In Florida the hate comes directly from the governor’s office.