I hate, loathe, detest, abhor and passionately despise air conditioning!!!!!

Last month when I went to Las Vegas I wore shorts on my trip there because LV is hot. Well, stupid me never thought about the airports or the airplanes, which are all really cold places. And I had long lay-overs, too.

Schools keep their buildings really cold too. I remember in high school kids would take their jackets to school in September because it was so cold in the building.

Heh. All y’all who are bitching about air conditioning obviously haven’t lived in Texas. Specifically, Houston, which had the dubious honor of being the most air-conditioned city in the world, last time I checked. It gets so hot here (the 110% humidity kind of hot, not the tolerable dry heat kind of hot–the swamp dwellers know what I’m talking about) that when you leave your house to walk ten feet to your car, you’re drenched. And then you have to get into a 130 degree car. It’s really annoying if you’ve just taken a shower, are on your way to work, and–oh yeah, it’s 7:30 in the morning. Oh yes, I like air conditioning…

I recently vacationed in Washington D.C. I got up one morning, took a shower, then realized I had forgotten to bring hairspray. So I walked down to a drugstore four blocks from the hotel - total time outdoors, 20 minutes max. When I got back to the hotel, I had to shower again and change my (now-literally-dripping) shirt. That’s why air conditioning is a very good thing.

Public Enemy #1: Willis Haviland Carrier

I live in central Florida. If it weren’t for air conditioning, I’d be miserable all the time. Now, mind you, I don’t want it set arctically low, but it helps if for no other reason than to remove the interminable humidity from the air so I can breathe! Oh, yes, and I cannot sleep in temperatures above 78 or so, and really prefer 73-74.

Some of us need air conditioning for health reasons.

Just because you like to be hot doesn’t mean everyone can tolerate it.

Because of having multiple sclerosis, my sensitivity to heat is very acute.

75 degrees to me is somewhat warm, and when it is over 80, I am uncomfortable.

Being at a constant temperature of over 85 degrees makes me feel lousy, I want to sleep, and it leads to a higher potential of exacerbation(more damage to myelin - which is what multiple sclerosis is).

So, some of us are very grateful for AC.

twickster, when your respective a/c habits have become the last straw, one tends to believe that you probably should have broken up a long time ago.

My friend just broke up with his g/f after 3 years. Want to know what the last straw was? No one in her family could walk around the house lightly.

As for the OP…

Amen brother/sister! Nothing peeves me more than sitting in someone’s house wearing my shorts and a t-shirt, shivering. And what is worse, the overused a/c makes it seem even hotter outside than it already is, due to the temperature difference between their 65 degree house, and the 90 degree outside air.

It’s just wrong. Besides, how the hell am I supposed to scope some hot sweaty man flesh when the a/c is down to 26?

I like it cool. In cool weather, I can wear my fancy clothes and be comfortable. Another good thing about AC, at least for me, is the white noise. I have this ringing in my ear that does not go away. Generally I don’t notice it, but if it gets too quiet, it hums.

A ceiling fan on about medium spin works too.

Spouse and I totally disagree on temps, but we usually compromise.
I spent night before last under an electric blanket, with the A.C. on, because I had a cold, but he is miserable if it’s over 75* or so.
He can ride the motorcycles while wearing sleeveless shirts, and I’ll have my leathers on.
Stores? Restaurants? I’ve finally given up on dressing for the season.
“Why, yes, I DO like sweaters, Miss halter-n-low-riders-showing-every-Thang. Now, where’s the Hot Coffee?”

Mmm, hot sweaty man flesh! :smiley: A definite perk of living in SoCal. Having said that, I do like A/C when used responsibly. Heat aggravates my seizures big time, and it’s so nice to hang out in an air-conditioned coffee shop or something and actually be able to think. (No, our house does not have A/C. Which sucks.) I usually end up sleeping through the hottest part of the day when I’m at home, because I can’t think through the heat-induced seizures to do anything else.

We also have an older house that, before we got the AC, was a nightmare during the summer. And even with it, it still gets pretty bad upstairs, because there’s only one vent, in the hall. When it’s really hot, when we have to leave the AC on overnight, my sister will haul her mattress downstairs to sleep, because her room is so unbearably stuffy. I end up rearranging my room for the summer, putting my bed in the middle of the room right under my fan.

As for sleeping with blankets on, well, I like sleeping with at least a light sheet thrown over me-I don’t sleep well without it. Before the AC, I used to actively dread the summertime. I remember scrunching up in my bed against the wall, because at least that was a little bit cool. I’d often take wet washcloths to bed with me as well.
For those without air conditioning, remember, keep your windows CLOSED. Don’t open them. You may say, “huh? It’s hot!” No, close the windows, and then pull the blinds, the shades and the curtains closed as well, to keep out the sun and the humidity. Then run the fans. It keeps the place cool and dark.

You don’t have to have it set on -12. I think our’s clicks on at about, oh, 73 degrees F?

I set my AC at 85 when its on at all-not only because I’m cheap, but because I hate walking outside after spending a couple of hours inside and sweating like a pig.
Usually just a ceiling fan, and a couple of open windows is good enough unless the humidity is too high.

When I was a child and we’d visit my grandparents in Fort Worth, I was always impressed with how my grandmother cooled her house in the summer. She’d open up the windows real early in the morning and leave them open till about 10 am, when the heat got above 80 or so. Then she’d turn on the AC for the afternoon and part of the evening. And by bedtime, the AC would get turned off but the house would stay cool till morning.

Of course, these days she’s 102 and likes to keep her thermostat at about 95, but when I was much poorer I used her techniques to good effect to keep my AC bills down as low as possible.

This technique only works if there’s not a lot of humidity, I hasten to add!!

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Maybe someone else already addressed this, but its July AND its summer in Australia? :confused:

Step off, G. Not only did he keep us all cool and fresh, he also saved the city of Syracuse from abandonment once people found other ways to obtain salt.


BTW–ironic fact for the day–The Carrier Dome, home of Syracuse University’s football, basketball, and lacrosse teams, is not air-conditioned.

75-80 is ridiculously hot for inside. The inside should be 70, preferably a little cooler at night.

Hey, if you’re cold, put on a sweater. I can’t take off my skin.

This is the one thing that annoys me about my wife. I absolutely hate sleeping when its hot. I can’t do it. She, however, gets cold if it falls below 74 degrees. I love the AC and turn it on, it cools down to 72, she turns it off. We have a very narrow range where we are both comfortable at like 72-74 degrees.

    I could not live without AC.  I did in college and hated it.  I don't see how anyone that has ever lived through a hot, muggy Midwestern summer could hate AC.

If you can’t make their pulse race so they would sweat on a five degree day, you’re doing something wrong.


I lived in Dallas, throughout one summer, with no AC. I didn’t mind. That’s because I had to freeze all day at my job, so when I came out and got into my hot car–it felt wonderful!

I realize I’m in the minority here. My best friend can’t stand heat. It’s very painful for me to drive her anywhere in the summer because I don’t want to turn the AC on the the car, I don’t! I don’t! It only gets hot for about a month here, and it’s extremely rare for the temp to get over 100 degrees F, but according to her, it’s hot 8 months out of the year!

So, during the ONE month in the year when I’m comfortable, couldn’t she just suffer? (No? Okay. I’ll turn the AC on. Never mind.) And of course, if it’s her car, then it’s different. Driver’s choice.

Back to Texas. The other thing that made the heat welcome was that all restaurants, movie theaters, and stores kept their AC set on STUN. I had to actually walk out of one movie because I was so . . . damn . . . . cold. I went out into the soft, starlit, humid night, and couldn’t make myself go back in.

I’m in Houston.

The AC at my mother’s (currently unoccupied) home went out. House is closed up. One week, and there is freaking MOLD growing everywhere.

High humidity and high temps. Mold that you can scrape off the kitchen cabinets. Mold that you can scrape off the paneling. And mold that SOMEBODY will have to remove before we can remodel the house.

SOMEBODY is usually me, but not this time. Between the cancer meds that make it impossible to deal with heat or humidity and the mold allergies…it can’t be me.

My AC guy says that opening the windows to improve the airflow would only help if it doesn’t rain. Yeah, like THAT’S gonna happen.

And I cannot remove enough clothes to get comfortable in hot humid weather, so y’all put your jumpers/sweaters/fleece jackets on, or face seeing more chunky-old-lady-with-multiple-surgery-scars flesh than you EVER want to if you come to Houston.