I Hate loudness.

Another pit thread.
Example one: Walking home from work at 12am on a Friday. Screaming drunk idiots, girls singing crappy chart songs in unison (almost). TOO FUCKING LOUD! Your drunk, not deaf.

Example two: Un-fucking-necesarily loud car engines.
Example three: They are currently refurbishing the local Supermarket. They have this… thing… which has wheels and lifts people up and down. Only when it’s moving up or down…


what the fuck? It’s deafeningly loud, do the people in fucking Scotland really need to know that your device is moving very slowly up or down???

How do you feel about the TT (motorcycle racing) on the Isle? :wink:

I can tolerate the noise to watch a bike go past very very fast.

Actually, now that I think about it, they’re not really all that loud. The old ones are.

Example four.

Whoa! That was wierd!

Lobsang and I post two different threads at about the same time, and we are the first posters to each others threads at the exact same time!

We both need hobbies. :wink:

I noticed that too.

Whaaaat! What did you say!

Example five (our neighbors):

Spousal unit one is deep inside the house, and spousal unit two is way out in the yard. Given that the attached homes here are quite close together, and even normal conversations in a yard can be overheard, what is the preferred way of communicating between said spousal units? You’re absolutely right! Screaming at the top of your lungs! Bonus points if intimate medical details or differing opinions on child rearing can be worked in.

Beaker! Are you okay?

Example six: Co-worker, codenamed Spaz-Boy, thinks he’s a drummer.

You’re not a drummer, Spaz-Boy. Stop banging on your desk and tapping your feet and making goofy boomping noises. You’re annoying. No one likes you. Shut up.