To my neighbours

Yesterday was Wednesday. Today is Thursday. Both of these are known as “weekdays”. Now, normal people generally have to go to this thing known as “work” on days known as “weekdays”. In my case, I had to be in the office, feeling coherent enough to summarise and explain a paper where every other line contained a mathematical equation, to my supervisor, who’s not very knowledgeable on the entire area of radio jets. However, this cannot be done on five hours of sleep.

Therefore, the next time you have a loud party at your house till 2 in the morning on a weeknight - and by loud I mean, I could hear everything, right down to your guests’ god-awful “singing”, from the other side of the house - I will come over to your house and fucking rip your music making devices out of the wall and shove them up your fucking arses. Inconsiderate bastards.

Don’t make me have wild, loud, athletic sex at 9am on a Sunday just to piss you off…

This is coming from someone who probably wouldn’t do this, but couldn’t you call the police? Even anonymously.

9am is a little late. You gotta go for the 6am screamer. That’ll fix 'em.

takes note

Now, if only I can get the boyfriend to agree to this plan of action… :smiley:
Elenia, I’d rather not call the police, it just appears to have been a one off. But still, I expect adults to know at least slightly better.

Make him an offer ( :o ) He can’t refuse!

Good plan. :smiley:

Still wish I didn’t have obnoxious neighbours though.

You know, I realized the other day that my apartment has been a lot more peaceful than normal, especially late at night. No loud “BANG!”'s at 12:30 or 1:00 am that make me sit bolt straight in bed, no screaming telephone calls (not angry screaming, but “I-don’t-think-you-can-hear-me-unless-I-scream-because-I-don’t-know-how-these-newfangled-things-called-PHONES-work” screaming from 11:00 pm until about 1:00 am and no constant stomping from upstairs. Hell, I don’t have to keep the broom next to my bed, ready to bang the hell out of the ceiling when I’m about to pull my hair out anymore!

Then I realized my upstairs neighbors had moved out. (I don’t know how I could’ve missed them moving out, they’re loud enough when they’re just *home[/i), but somehow, I had no clue they had moved out!


Let’s see how long it lasts before I get new upstairs neighbors! :eek:

I feel sorry for you Man.
Why don’t you try using earplugs ,I started using them just during sleep, but now I wear plugs all day long,CAN"T STAND HUMANS AND THEIR VOICES>
Sometimes even plugs don’t help like in your case I believe .

Why should I wear earplugs (which I find horribly uncomfortable) in my own house whilst trying to sleep at a perfectly reasonable time of night? Its not like it was the middle of the afternoon or anything like that.

Got it. I assume you know their address?

Write them an anonymous letter suggesting that the next time they wish to rouse it up in the middle of the week, late at night, that there will be a visit from the local police and possibly the DEA, because you were certain they had to be smoking crack to stay up that late on a week night.
Then just send it in the mail. With no return address of course.