I hate my face right now

Grrr…damn zits. I’m in the midst of switching birth controls, and my skin is going nuts.

I know it will go away soon, once my hormones settle back down, but now I feel like i’m 15 again :frowning: I feel ugly

That’s all, just some mundane whining…

I’m with you, piggy! I usually keep everything under control with Proactiv, but for some reason my skin has gotten away from me this week. I’ve got three of those big deep ones going. Two of them are just little annoyances, but the third one…
Last night I ran up to my daughter all excited and told her I’d finally grown a boob! Then I poked my tongue into my cheek so it stuck way out, with the nipple-like red zit on it. She said, “Huh, and it’s the same size as the other two.”

I used Proactiv for a bit, but the results I got weren’t really worth the price. I think I’m going to seek out some of the heavy-duty stuff at CVS today. Neutrogena makes a kit that really dried me out in the winter, but I think will be ok now that it’s so humid. Definitely killed my zits, though!

So, did you know zits and wrinkles overlap in life? I somehow figured there’d be a window in between them.

The active ingredient in Proactiv’s is the benzoyl peroxide in the lotion. It works great for me, but I just get a 10% benzoyl peroxide cream from my local drugstore. Much cheaper. Proactiv’s face scrub and toner are no better than Neutrogena’s or any other drugstore brand. Just make sure you wear daily sunscreen if you use that or any other acne treatment.

IANADermatologist, etc, etc.

I don’t really get spots/zits but am I the only guy that will use concealer/foundation if I do get a bad one?

Three days later, and my skin’s looking way better. Hope you’re seeing some improvement too, piggy!

klintypooh, you’re not the only one. Once I had showed my brother how to use my concealer, he bought his own.

Yup! I went and got some of Clean and Clear’s new stuff (I forget the name, but apparently it’s supposed to give extremely quick results, which it did).

Really, this combination of hormones due to bc changes, extreme humidity, and stress over moving/wedding planning REALLY isn’t good for my skin. Maybe I should start drinking more…at least I’d relax