I hate RealPlayer.

Well, about a week ago I wanted to listen to some Internet radio on RealPlayer to get my news. The program worked fine for the most part, but it did have a few annoying bugs. So when, upon opening, the program asked me if I wanted to download the 84K download I clicked OK, hoping that that might fix a few of the bugs.

Well, it didn’t.

Instead, it froze my computer which would no longer recognize my hard drive. After a few days without my computer, I was able to attain the necessary equipment to get my computer booted back up. Unfortunately, that meant I needed to initialize my hard drive, basically erase every last bit of information that was once stored on it.

So I had to start all over installing software. Some of my programs I will never see again because the installation CDs are either lost or damaged (including my beloved Civilization II sob). All of my non-application files are destroyed, including the web page that was almost ready to go online and my entire mp3 collection.

Some upgrade :rolleyes:

Oh yeah, almost forgot:




what’s that smell?


why, it’s the smell of someone who should be using WinAmp!

no, in all seriousness, i feel for your pain. at leasn now you know that RealPlayer sucks the devil’s dick.

I hate Real Audio more than I hate Real Player. Whenever I want to download a song I don’t want to use their shitty program to play it. I don’t even download music illegally. I only download live unreleased recordings from bands that allow taping, and I really wonder why the otherwise very cool individuals who run the sites that allow me to download a good deal of this music, must force me to use an inferior form of audio compression that I can’t figure out how to decode to wav and burn to cd.

Actually now that I think about it, everything Real makes sucks.

OK, I’m convinced. Time to uninstall RP, assuming it is uninstallable…

Use adaware to get rid of all the spyware programs it installed when you installed it as well. Get it at http://www.lavasoftusa.com/downloads.html

Realplayer is like Venom or Carnage. You start out using them for your computer, but then they start using your computer for themselves.

For what it’s worth I had a lot of problems with Real player until I upgraded to Real One. It works just fine and I’ve got about 4 gigs of music on it. I ran adaware and as far I can tell there was no spyware there that originated with real player. Now Kazaa, bear share and others (bonzai buddy being one of the worst) all install spyware stuff along with the goods.

I have BearShare and Adaware, the latter has never turned up any spyware on my system.

One caveat: I did not allow the other supplemental programs to be installed when I loaded BearShare onto my system. More than likely, that’s where they’re found.

WOW! Good thing I never did use Real Player…

I’ll never understand how Real stays in business. They have a horrible product, with multiple free alternatives that are miles better, and yet they somehow soldier on. When I finally got RealPlayer scraped out of my computer (a young priest and an old priest were needed) I forbade the wife from ever installing it again. (And myself as well.)

There isn’t a single media clip in the world that will get me to install RealPlayer again.

Real One is, I’ve discovered, quite nice - I’ve been in the (slow) process of ripping my entire CD collection in anticipation of a soon-arriving (I hope) Nomad Jukebox 3. There are a few hiccups now and then, but nothing serious and the result is a beautifully organized 1700 files and counting. My Win XP seems resigned to the situation.

The people who are behind RP are suckers of Satans cock.

They love that scaley pecker.

Scaley pecker…it’s what’s for dinner?

Is there any other medium that plays RA files; especially the streaming variety? I’d love not to use that crap.

I downloaded RealOne the other day, and it certainly does chow down on Lucifer’s bone.

One more vote here that RP sucks big time. In about a month I plan on getting a new system and there’s no way in the world I am installing that piece of crap with associated spyware.

I hope some Islamic fundamentialist group places a large amount of money for the head of the inventor of that pathetic excuse for a music player that is RealPlayer.

So I’m alone in liking it? Don’t hurt me!

It’s good for movies since the compression’s good – a 30 meg realmedia video is about the same quality as a 70 meg mpeg or divx avi.

Plus it’s streaming has always worked better for me than winamp.

Course, 90% of the install was pruning out the crap I didn’t want.

Well, not Satanic cock, exactly, but the owner does have ties to PETA and other such groups, according to activistcash.com.

Hehe… 1 mac down… 42 to go (total world market).

And Palve, I’ve got your CivIII cd around here somewhere, i’ll get it to you soon.