I hate that someone will pay Jesse Helms for his "memoirs"

I was happily skimming the news articles that one of my friends sent me and a headline caught my eye: Helms offers new take on segregation. Immediately I could *feel * the muscles around my mouth pulling it into a snarl; that cold flush that precedes a hot rage…I hate him so much it’s like a lump of lead in my chest, leeching chemicals into my brain. And I know it’s not completely fair, but when I first think of “conservative” (generally when I’m already in a negative mindset as opposed to netural to good; that would be Goldwater), that’s the pustule that pops up in my brain. Democrat, Republican, psychopath; it doesn’t matter what descriptive noun follows “conservative”, there he crouches, like a malevolent toad, just waiting to shit on something and call it his own. He represents the epitome of American political evil to me. Now the whitewashing is beginning, (“statesmanlike” my fat black ass - a whited sepulchre is more like it) and he feels so secure in his place that unlike his fellow segregationist toads, he doesn’t have to pretend to be sorry for what he said and did…oh no, he must have been right, he’s still around, isn’t he? He gets to say shit like: “We will never know how integration might have been achieved in neighborhoods across our land, because the opportunity was snatched away by outside agitators who had their own agendas to advance. We certainly do know the price paid by the stirring of hatred, the encouragement of violence, the suspicion and distrust. We do know that too many lives were lost, businesses were destroyed, millions of dollars were diverted from books and teachers to support the cost of buses and gasoline. We do know that turning our public schools into social laboratories almost destroyed them.”

Apparently all those lost black lives and destroyed black businesses under segregation didn’t count. The millions of dollars diverted away from black schools under segregation didn’t count. Fuck him and his “memoir” - I hope it moves straight from whatever asshole is publishing it to the remainder table and from there to some landfill in North Carolina, because frankly it’s not worth turning into toilet paper to wipe even his repulsive ass.

He makes my teeth ache with the urge to bite him.

What’s worse is that people will buy them.

Does it also bother you that that University of West Virginia has agreed to publish the autobiography of that self-avowed racist Senator Robert Byrd?

Seriously, I cannot–no, really, I tried…I just can’t–get worked up about Helms. In fact, I’ll probably read his book. I will not buy it new, but will instead pick it up in a used bookstore if I run across it.

Is Byrd going to make money off it? Then, yes, that bothers me as well, as he seems to be one of those pustules who pretends to be…well, I don’t think sorry is the word…*something * about his past. And probably his present. He’s just a lower profile pustule with a couple of good points on the war in Iraq.

Does Byrd intend to continue defending his racist views in his autobiography? I understood that he had since repented of them, but I could be mistaken.

Hopefully not enough to recoup whatever the publisher paid him and production costs.

Is Byrd continuing to defend his membership in the Klan? Has Byrd made any claims that his opinions in the 1950s were the correct ones?

I know that Byrd’s youth makes a fine tu quoque target for defenders of Helms and Thurmond, but there really is a bit of a difference between the actions of those gentlemen. (And note that tu quoque is considered a logical error.)

I wonder they could add a feature to the board, where whenever a post is made that contains the word “racism” and “conservative” or “Republican”, another post is autogenerated with the name “Robert Byrd” repeated a few times.

int i1 = post.find("racism");

if (i1 != npos)
   i1 = post.find("conservative");
   int i2 = post.find("Republican");
   int i3 = post.find("republican"); // must try both cases

   if ( i1 != npos || i2 !=npos || i3 != npos)

I don’t know which of Byrd’s beliefs of the '50’s he maintains are still correct; it is immaterial since he’s recanted his the racist one he held and racism particularly seems to be the sticking point in the OP. However, Helms has also stated publicly that he was wrong about several of his previously held beliefs - notably AIDS and mandated/enforced segregation. The parallel holds.

I sincerely hope you have not construed my query of KAndre’s opinion with support of either Jesse Helms’, or Strom Thurmond’s, vile brand of racism. Given the ideological stripe of the OP—it is distinctly slanted left—it seemed advisable to check the tilt of the playing field here. In any case, KAndre, has stated that he (she?) finds the publishing of Byrd’s autobiography equally reprehensible. That being the case, the playing field appears level and I have no further objections along this line.


There is NO “University of West Virginia”

It is “West Virginia University” aka WVU

Thank You


In no way.
It was more of a comment along the lines of Revtim’s point that every time Helms or Thurmond is Pitted, someone has to wave the Byrd flag, which I consider to be a tu quoque defense of the Right rather than an actual defense of the opinions being Pitted.

Okay, Tom. I’m not sure I agree with your assessment of tu quoque, in this particular instance, but I take your point.

Every bit of that price can be laid at the feet of those who refused to give up Jim Crow until the “outside agitators” forced them to do so.

I do give a very little credit to at least the mouthing that “racism is bad” that Byrd has done - I’m glad that Helms finally acknowledged that AIDS is a disease as opposed to a moral failing but I have missed where Helms said he was wrong on “mandated/enforced segregation”. My reading of this article and other is that he wanted to wait on “voluntary integration” and if that ever happened, so be it. I dislike Byrd because his past (which he has repeatedly recanted) makes me uncomfortable; but I do believe people can change if they want to and work at it. I hate Helms because I see no indication that he is interested in changing most of his bad attitudes and notions, and he has been and still is in a position to disproportionately influence the government in a bad way.

I object to people benefiting from reprehensible behavior - I wouldn’t purchase true-crime books written by criminals either.

I admit I tilt to the left on social issues (even though I thought that even the right thinks racism and segregation were bad things) - centrist to mildly right on fiscal issues - and yes, I’m a she.

Dang. I meant "and if that *never * happened, so be it. "

May I humbly request that you not besmirch the good name of myself (yBeayf == theToad) and my toadly brethren by using us to describe such a man as Helms.

Yeah, that’s what was said in that article, but there’s Helms’ connection to the “Pioneer Fund” to be considered, too. The Pioneer Fund spends its money supporting eugenics and segregationist politicans.

KAndre, you write a great pit rant. I especially love the line “He makes my teeth ache with the urge to bite him.”

I have a hatred for the scumsucker, fecal-tongue-coated bastard and I don’t know where it comes from. I’m of European ancestry and have primarily grown up in Minnesota, Wisconsin and England. He has not had a direct influence on me or my relations, but he does exist on the same planet. I have always known that Helms emanates evil in the same manner that decaying flesh emanates stench. You don’t have to be directly impacted by a decaying animal to know that it is putrid and stomach turning. So I agree with your Pit and love your phrasing.

In the same manner that I made a comment about DeLay and the good people of Texas (here), it does sadden me that Helms and his slimy counterpart Strom Thurmond were politically supported for so long in spite of many good people in North and South Carolina. (In the other DeLay thread, Mtgman did educate me on how few people it can take to elect a slimeball.)

How nice, a new diary to go along with Turner’s.