Jesse Helms is dead! Let's dance on his grave.

Hopefully, Jesse Helms is in Hell and is being raped by Jerry Falwell.

Rot in Hell, motherfucker.

Does a little jig.

I LOVE the smell of frying bacon! :stuck_out_tongue:

"Jingle Helms! Jingle Helms! Jingle with Jesse!
“Oh what fun it is to ride on a tobacco subsidy!”


I hope not, because that would likely be pleasurable for Falwell.

I make it a point not to express joy over someone’s death. Some make this harder than others as Helms is definitely a world class asshole, bigot, etc.

I guess what I can say is that I’m sad he didn’t have a change of heart before he died.

I went to WIkipedia to find some nice things to say about the man.

I didn’t find anything.

Hm, I just checked out his Wikipedia page and had to wonder a bit about their statement: “Firmly opposed to integration efforts in his own state, in other editorials Helms referred to the University of North Carolina as the ‘University of Negros and Communists.’ Although his editorials created controversy, they also made him popular with conservative voters, and Helms won a seat on the Raleigh City Council in 1957.” It was my understanding that previous to JFK, the Republican party was the one which most supported integration, so it seems a bit odd to link the gain of Republican voters to his racism as the Wikipedia article seems to do. More it seems like it might have been him who started to swing Democratic bigots to Republicanism because he sided with them on that issue, and his appeal to Republicans would have had more to do with his financial editorials more than his racial ones.

Or were North Carolina Republicans in the 50s simply not representative of the rest of the party at that time?

Geez, I thought he died a long time ago.
And then I realized it was Strom Thurmond I was thinking of.

Have trouble keeping 'em straight.

I found something from the AP article.

“Helms and his wife, Dorothy, had two daughters and a son. They adopted the boy in 1962 after the child, 9 years old and suffering from cerebral palsy, said in a newspaper article that he wanted parents.”

Though it doesn’t change the other 99.9%.,9171,1187308,00.html

Yep, so evil that Bono recruited him to help fight AIDS in Africa.

May God bless Jesse Helms, correct his many faults & reward his many virtues.

Weird, I was just thinking about him yesterday, and I couldn’t remember if he was dead or not. Now I know!

Those old white dudes all look alike.

In the Yahoo obituary article, it mentions that he and his wife had two daughters and a son. “They adopted the boy in 1962 after the child, 9 years old and suffering from cerebral palsy, said in a newspaper article that he wanted parents.” That has been the sole admirable item I can see in accounts of his life, which is truly sad. I’m sure he has people who loved him who are grieving, and I am sorry for their pain.

Edit to add - Kid A got there before me.

Now please remind me . . . why didn’t he help fight AIDS in the U.S.?

Bono is also evil.

It wasn’t straight people dying.

And that’s the thing with Helms. When he did good, he often did it for right reasons; but far more often he did evil for terribly wrong reasons. He led the movement to block federal funding for AIDS research. If he delayed a cure by one year, how many deaths can we put at his doorstep? If he delayed a cure by one week, how many deaths? By one day?

And that’s not counting other things, e.g., his support for Pinochet.

I’m not glad he’s dead. He’s meaningless now, except to his loved ones who will miss him. I am glad that his ideas appear to be disintegrating.


Will the Westboro Baptist Church have a Jesse in Hell page?

I’ll always remember the way he always whislted his “s” whenevever he pronounced “homa-sexuals”

No, no they can’t take that away from me.

Count me in with the Strom Thurmond confusion. So The Helms finally kicked it.


He lived his life as a vicious, bullying, racist shit. Maybe his family and dog loved him. I have sympathy for them. But the public Jesse Helms, the one whose death is noted at all because of his public actions? Good riddance and may his evil die with him.