I hate that this song makes me cry

More than that, I hate that this song makes no sense. Come on, an eighteen wheeler didn’t see an upcoming vehicle? http://www.cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/travis-randy/three-wooden-crosses-3445.html is what i mean.
Look I keep crying when I sing the damn song just stop it okay. I know the hooker becomes an upstanding citizen, just stop making me cry.

Well, it was night and out there in the boonies (This happened around Bakersfield), it was probably on some backcountry road. So I’d believe that neither driver saw eachother. And besides, an 18-wheeler can’t stop on a dime.

[QUOTE=RandMcnally, an 18-wheeler can’t stop on a dime.[/QUOTE]

Oh stop. I mean quit it.


Try not to tear up for Red Sovine’s Teddy Bear . Country songs are made to make us cry in our beer.

SSG Schwartz

I’m not even going there.

For my money, dead trucker country songs just don’t get more maudlin/creepy than Tom Waits doing Big Joe and Phantom 309, which it seems is also a Red Sovine song.

I understand the sentiment, it;s not what you take but what you leave that defines you. But hey, stopthat shit with the road markers.

The one that always does me is Christmas Shoes.

Damn it, it’s so glurgy my teeth hurt but I always start to tear up.

None of Red Sovine’s do that to me, but I’ve been listening to them since I was a tot so I hope I’m immune by now.

…damnit. Just reading those lyrics made me tear up.

It’s my secret shame that I don’t really hate country music. The real reason I turn it off every time someone turns it on is because every other song ends up making me blubber.

One day someone had left their radio on while I was at work and I was trying to deal with a customer while fighting off the tears inspired by Don’t Take the Girl.

Damnit. :frowning:

Oh you had to go and do the Christmas shoes. Like I didn’t have enough glurge already . God Damn you and your little dog too. Paaaaaahhh.

A coworker and I were once late to a staff meeting because of that song. Boss came by her office to figure out why we weren’t there, found two girls sniffling and wisely retreated.

Hey, I got all misty over underwear.

Oh, youre plucking at me now, buster. Don’t even try to get me twisted. You don’t wanna meet my granny.

Hey, none of this shit counts if I can’t do broadband and /or I can’t listen to the songs. All bets are off. Some of u s are still in the dark ages.

Or, conversely, laugh into it.

Curse you SSG Schwartz, I only came in here to post about Red Sovine.

I do like country music, and I love the fact that it is probably the musical genre most capable of laughing at itself, but I will never know whether Sovine was being serious or not - I suppose I like that fact too. Good on him. A wonderfully awful song. An amazingly wonderfully awful song.

Anybody who hasn’t heard Teddy Bear, country fan or not, you MUST listen to it.

How about Christmas Carol by Skip Ewing?

Glurgy? Yep.

Will it make me cry every time I hear it? Oh, yeah.

While not as over-the-top-maudlin as Red Sovine’s stuff, when it comes to cry in your beer semi songs, you can’t beat Mama Hated Diesels by Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen.

I’ve been known to get a little moist-eyed over Martina McBride’s “In My Daughter’s Eyes.”

Actually, no, I was wrong. There is one that kinda gets to me. Daddy’s Girl. I get kinda teary cuz my Dad did those things with me (he’s not gone, I just don’t get to see him that often because we live across the province from each other).

I though I don’t cry, Giddy-up go chokes me up.

Don’t forget this Tom Smith classic: A Boy and His Frog (Third song down the list)

I’ve got it on my iTunes, but half the time it comes up, I have to skip it.