I hate these people

I do Internet Techsupport as some of you know. I just got off a call where the Customer’s first words were “Your system is down again!” HOLY SHIT!! let me alert network operations they must have over looked it! :rolleyes: There was no “hi there, this is so and so”…or “Is your server having problems today?”. Listen you shit snatcher, our “system” is not down, your brain is down, and will never be back up and running again. I hate when your type calls in. Presumptuous butt sucker. You immediately put me into ass hole tech mode when you make statements like that. Do me a favor and leave the network troubleshooting to the administrators… twit.

I thought this was the default mode for tech support. :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe the Customer is frustrated with poor service and frequent breakdowns. It’s not like he/she insulted you personally.

That is just it, our server rarely faults, and when it does it’s usually due to maintenance. The customers are always notified of maintenance before hand. I guess what irks me the most is I get these calls all the time, and its not our system. They automatically assume because they can’t get online, it is our fault. Actually thinking it is our fault is fine, understandable. I will politely explain it to them that everything is ok, but I’ll have a look at your settings and see if I can get you going. What happens is these people mark this incident up on their internal meters that our server went down, and when their computer is fu bar again they call in to let us know that our service is down. This is greatly annoying

I have to brag-tech support people usually love me. If I ask if the server is down, and they say yes, I say oh, thank god, I thought it was my computer! Then they laugh.

I had a guy from tech support walk me through changing the settings other day when I was having trouble connecting.

Tech Support people for Stargate=cool.

I absolutely do not mind if they ask if our server is down, thats understandable. It is when they tell me my server is down that drives me nuts. Yes Guin we do love getting your call types.

Hey maxx, it could be worse… I do tech support and IT for those that are theoretically tech-savvy… well that also means that they’re MORE likely to think there is something wrong with MY servers that their own computers… so here’s my story

(ring ring ring)
bobo: “hello, this is bobo” (well, ok, I used my real name)
client: “yeah, the server (insert NFS exported drive here) is down”
b: “ummmmm, hold on, lemme check” (clickety clickety click)… “actually that machine is up and a I can mount that export… let’s see if we can figure out what’s wrong with your machine”
c: “There’s nothing wrong with my machine… your server is down!”
b: “Sir, I assure you that machine is up and that export is working just fine… please tell me what steps you have haken to connect to that NFS exported directory”
c: “It’s not a directory! do you have any idea what you’re talking about?!?”
b: “Sir, you see it as a shared drive, but it’s actually an exported directory tree… please just tell me what you’ve done to try to connect to the server to find your files…”
c: “ok, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about, but I did “open apple K” and punched in the server address (insert wrong address here)”
b: “why don’t we try that again with the actual name of the server that hosts that export… so hit “open apple K” and then type in (correct server name)”
c: “Oh wow… it’s back up… what did you do?”
(long pause)
b: “While we were talking, I rebuilt the kernel on that server, re-inserted the module to drive the ethernet card, and made certain that you had permissions to access that NFS export.”
c: “really?”
b: “no… actually I just told you where to point your client. have a nice day… if you experience any further problems, please do not hesitate to call”

argh… if I know something is up, and I tell you so… believe me!.. that’s why I have this job… those servers are up and running happily.

wow… thanks for giving me a chance to vent. (for those that are curious, I’m primarily a linux geek, but I also support windows and mac users… hence the “open apple K” scenerio)

I enjoyed the story. You are right, the “I’m an expert computer user” customers are some the worst. I hate it when an old codger calls in thats “been working on these machines since ENIAC!”. He’s usually got his password in all caps.

Sounds familiar… a good friend of mine, that I also happen to work with, couldn’t log in after he booted his machine into Windows™… so he yells across the floor, “Bobo! What’s wrong with the Windows™ login system?!? … I typed my password, like, three times… and I still can’t log in.”

Bobo: “Ummm, check your caps-lock”

friend: “ok, I’m a moron… don’t tell anyone about this ok?”

so yeah, I’m telling a few million people about it, but atleast I’m being nice about his problem… and atleast he realized that he was being stupid… I like people that recognize when they’re doing something dumb…