I Hate When This Happens

So I had some free time and there was nothing else on television, so I thought I would try a summer re-run of HOUSE…seems to be lots of fans. I had only seen one episode way back when the show was just starting, and kinda liked it, but for whatever reason, never continued to watch the show.

At any rate, I settled in, turned on the show, and - of all the episodes they could have aired, this one was a repeat of the one episode I had already seen.

Isn’t it uncanny when that happens?

More like ironic. Don’t you think?

This happens more often than you think. Years ago, in a book of “Murphy’s Law” type maxims, there was one stated that if you see a certain TV show just two times, the second time will be a rerun of the first episode you saw.

With me, I only saw “The Honeymooners” twice–both times it was the episode where Ralph gets a TV.

Believe it or not, I have only seen one single episode of CSI in my life - but that one FOUR TIMES. (CSI Miami, the one where the child molester escapes from prison by helicopter).

That, and you should definitely give House another chance. Third time’s the charm!

I forget which one, but I went through this with one show three times.

I have a story that’s somewhat the opposite.

Like most of us, when I was a kid I would occasionally stay home from school when I was sick or there was some family event going on. One day I stayed home and was watching TV, and, faced with a choice between soap operas or the news (back in those days of three channels plus PBS), I watched a soap opera.

I have no idea what it was, but it featured a couple who were set up on a blind date. They hated each other from the get-go, getting into an argument before they even realized that they were each other’s blind date. They spent the whole date arguing and fighting and generally making it clear that they hated each other.

Maybe five years later, I was home sick again, flipping channels, and I happened to watch another episode of that same soap opera.

It was the one in which that very same blind-date couple got married.

Only five years? I had a theater course in college where one of the projects was to monitor a soap opera for a few weeks. (I chose Days of Our Lives)

Twelve years later I was home from work and turned on DOOL. Same characters, same plot lines.

Same day.

Hey, I’ve got a 180 on this one! A few years back, I was at home between assignments and caught a General Hospital episode…and they actually had a scene in a HOSPITAL!!!!

This happens whenever I happen to catch the Chapelle Show. It’s always the one where he’s a blind black man who’s a white supremist.

Do they run that one a lot?

That’s the one episode I saw. Huh.

My kid hardly ever watches Arthur, a show that’ s been on forever and must have hundreds, maybe thousands of episodes. So how is it that whenever my kid is tired and bored enough to watch Arthur, it’s the one with an aardvark Alex Trebek hosting a riddle show?

Like rain on your wedding day.

I was asleep in a hospital room once, and had a dream about a mother backing a car into her son’s house, and the cop who answered the call being her other son, who laughed a very distinctive laugh about it.

Three years later I was channel flipping and heard the same laugh. It was an episode of “Everyone Loves Raymond.” My hospital roommate must have had it on.

This happened to me with Invader Zim. Everytime I sat down to watch it with my son it was the same episode. I finally broke down and bought the entire series on DVD just to watch the rest of it.

It happens to me all the time. I’ll give you two examples.
I Love Lucy - the one where Lucy wants to get on Ricky’s show, and does somethign wacky to sneak on. (Fred Murtz was the real reason to watch that show by the way)

Bewitched - the one where Darin unsuspectingly had a spell cast upon him by Endora, the shrew mother-in-law.

Happened to me all the time with Three’s Company… you know, the one where there was a misunderstanding between Jack and one of the girls?

Yeah it was like the time i was down in my workshop, y’know, and i took one of them linoleum knives, spread my toes apart and started sawing…
back and forth, and back and forth
then i took a little bottle of that…uhhhhhh
[Tabasco Sauce?]
yeah, and i just sprinkled it inbetween my toes, cocomo bocomo, talk about a hot foot
[sounds painful]
it was, i hate when that happens…


sorry, couldn’t resist…