Once And Again- Cancelled!

ABC has cancelled the best drama on TV, Once And Again. Series finale will wrap things up later this season.

Great, the first new drama since ER that my wife and I actually enjoy and they cancel it after 3 seasons!

And no more bedroom shots of Sela Ward. :eek:



You know, I was glad to hear Billy Campbell had a regular series - but I never watched past the first three or four episodes. The show had turned into fortysomething for me. Couldn’t stand to listen to those whiny, oversensitive adults.

But take heart: it’ll probably go into syndication on Lifetime and be re-run forever.

Planner must now clean the drool off his necktie.

I agree with a35362. The first few episodes were great and then it degenerated into “crisis of the week” mode. I checked it from time to time and it was always the same crisis nonsense. The original issue was romance (and related hot sweaty stuff). Shows about positive stuff happening are a lot more interesting than those about negative things.

It deserved to be axed before the end of the first season.

I sincerely hope this is a joke. This is turning into a terrible day. First I read that “The American Embassy” is cancelled and now I hear that “Once and Again” is cancelled? These are two of only four shows I watch on TV.

They change a show’s timeslot umteen million times and they wonder why it fails?!?


Damn! Now where am I going to get my fix for reincarnated-android-spy action?

I agree to a point as well, but the show did also have a lot of positive scenes. Plus, having a blended family together like that under one house is going to be one mini-crisis after another anyway. :wink:

Some of the episodes have been so powerful. The supporting cast is always great. Did anyone see the episode two weeks ago where the mentally ill brother came back to visit. Patrick Dempsey is fantastic in that reocurring role. Ali Sheedy was also superb. The issues they touched on, and how it was portrayed, with regards to mental illness and how that effects families were enough to make me cry.

We will miss you Once and Again [sniff]


My mother always says that MY liking a show is a sure indicator that it won’t last (because I have whack-ass taste, according to her).

I don’t care what anybody says, though. Freaks & Geeks was the best damn show to grace the airwaves in YEARS, far as I’m concerned.

But I digress.

NOW that O&A is being taken off the air, and it’s a show my MOTHER liked as well, suddenly she’s down on the networks ant the Nielsen Families… So maybe it’s NOT my fault this time! :wink:

Here, here Auntie Em! Freaks & Geeks was one of the best show I have ever seen! The sisters friends, you know, the “stoners”, well that was me and my friends to a tee in high school in 1985. (I know the show takes place in 1980, but it’s close enough). :wink:

I am still pissed off to hell that they cancelled that show after two seasons!


Look, I almost never watched “Once and Again,” so I won’t comment on the show’s quality or whether it deserved to be cancelled.

But is ANYONE surprised?

Look, the SUREST sign that a TV show is desperate for ratings is… lesbians! When a TV show starts working a lesbianangle, you can be sure that either:

  1. The writers have run out of ideas, or
  2. They’re DESPERATE to pick up viewers, and don’t mind appealing to viewer prurience.

I haven’t seen the show in over a year, but as soon as I read in the paper about their teenage lesbian angle, I KNEW they were desperate, and I knew they were finished.

Hmm… I can recall seeing 1, maybe 2 shows ever that dealt with teenage lesbian sexuality on TV. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I don’t watch enough TV, but it hardly seems like a common prime time TV topic to me.

I have every episode on videotape. Freaks & Geeks marathon, anyone? :smiley:

Sounds like you and your friends were what I and MY friends, in 1985, would have called “Totally Front Parking Lot.” (I know you had to be there, but the use of “Front Parking Lot” as an adjective has to be good for at least ONE giggle…")

I was madly in love with Sam. :slight_smile:

Well, Buffy got better after season four and Willows perhaps incorrectly diagnosed lesbianism… but then, Joss pulling down his pants and mooning the camera would have also been better.

But I think the lesbian angle has more dramatic potential.

Hmmm… Well, that may be true, but that show’s dealing with lesbianism was a joke compared to the grace (no pun intended) of “The Gay-Straight Alliance”. Evan Rachel Wood and Mischa (sp?) Barton are so damn good, I had to watch their first kissing scene four times in a row, not because it made me hot, or anything like that, but because the chemistry and reality they projected was something you don’t see on television a lot anymore.

ABC sucks.

I don’t really watch Now and Again (seen one episode, and snippets of others) but we aren’t up to any lesbianism yet in Australia, as far as I can tell from looking up an episode guide to determine where the episode I was watching was in relation to the US.

Buffy’s was a joke, seeing as Willow did have an actual fulfilling relationship with Oz without feeling anything missing or anything, and had a crush on Xander for a fair while as well. The constant "Hello? Gay now"s from Willow irritated me. Shouldn’t she be bisexual or something?

No more shots of Sela Ward in her nightie! The consequences of that are only now starting to hit me!

O well, at least I still have these to look at!