TV Shows you're glad DID get cancelled

jeanster started a thread about TV shows you wish hadn’t been cancelled. That got me thinking about a show that I’m glad was cancelled.

Northern Exposure.

Don’t get me wrong. I was one of the biggest fans of the series. But once Joel Fleischmann got back to New York and they brought Paul Provenca into replace him, the series went straight downhill. It didn’t last too long after that and in effect it seemed like a mercy killing to me. I’m rather glad they cancelled it before it got any worse than it did.

Any others that fit that description for you?

Pretty much every sitcom made in the last five years.

X Files

Does anyone else remember when Sunday afternoons on Nickelodeon meant about 4 hours of that * thing * called Wienerville? I was glad to see that one go. I think I was in 5th grade at that time, and even we knew it was disgusting they named a show Wienerville.

‘Everything’s Relative’ (1999)

Gave it a chance by watching the pilot episode. Painfully bad.

Starred Kevin Rahm, who I like better on Judging Amy as that cute doctor.

I’m sure there are plenty of other shows I am glad got axed, but I can’t think of them right now. Probably because I blocked them from my memory, what with them being so painfully bad.

Cop Rock. Honest to Christ, I don’t know how anyone could have expected this idiotic concept of singing characters to succeed.

America’s Funniest People- This spinoff of America’s Funniest Home Videos was the absolute pits. People would literally do anything and make complete asses of themselves just to be on television. Of course we still have this on TV. I think it’s called Jerry Springer. :rolleyes:

Birds of Prey

I also posted this series name on the “TV Shows You Wish Hadn’t Been Cancelled” thread. Then I started explaining that I knew it sucked, but if they’d just fired, well … everybody except the three female leads … it might have improved. That’s when I decided I was glad it was cancelled.

I second Birds of Prey. I knew it was gonna suck hard when they showed previews of Batman and Catwoman who were wearing shoddy copies of the original costumes. The pilot episode had me convinced this show was going to die quickly.

Unfortunately, my desire to watch 3 women run around and fight crime wasn’t strong enough to overcome the crap that was that show.

Man… Dina Meyer looked smoking HOT in this show.

Suddenly Susan, The Naked Truth. Clones of each other, and each episode more worthless and formulaic than the last. Thank god the single-female-reporter genre was put down to sleep for awhile.

I feel your pain. I still remember one of those episodes, and every once in a while, I’ll wake up with this song rolling around in my head: “You can’t keep a good man down! No, you can’t keep a good man down…

Sweet dreams, y’all.

Moonlighting, after David and Maddie did the deed.

Coach, Wings, all the recent Friends clones, all the recent office-related sitcoms.


Time of Your Life with Jennifer Boobs Hewitt

X-FILES. The last year wasn’t even worth watching. What was with Duchovney? As if he’s ever going to get a better role in his career.

FUTURAMA. The only time that show ever made me laugh was when the gang was walking through a gym. The “camera” was panning through all the people working out, from the waist up. You could see a woman on a weight machine and heavy amount of weights were going up and down but the woman wasn’t moving her arms. Above the weight machine she was on, there was a sign that read KEGALS.

Among a lot of other crap that’s been on.

Tell that to creator/host/puppeteer Marc Weiner.

Oh my god, YES. That was the worst show-although it had MST3K appeal.

I loved it when she got a tattoo on her ass and then was going around showing it off to everyone. Um, hello, but when you first get a tattoo, don’t you have to keep it bandaged for a few days, or something? (That’s what happened when my friend’s parents got tattoos).

mobo, I know that was the creator’s name, but for crying out loud, that show was about fitting as much phallic imagery as possible into that slot. Okay that phrasing was terrible but I’m going to keep it cause it’s funny.

Fingers used as puppets of weiners. Before commercial breaks, that voice would sing
It was disgusting! Oy.

Family Guy

Look at us. We’re just like The Simpsons except that we’re willing to make jokes about porn and other forbidden topics. And that makes us worth watching. Really.

don’t fear the wiener

That 80s Show. Simply the most awful rot that Fox has foisted on us ever. Just like That 70s Show, but without any of the charm, character developement, funniness, or plot.

Dawson’s Creek Honestly, why was this even still on? I think even their target audience forgot about the show two or three seasons ago.