I Hate You!! Stop laughing at everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

She walks by my office, hears whatever is playing in the I-Pod:

“Is that Oh Mickey (Tony Basil)? Oh my god, you’re listening to that?” Squeals of laughter, repeating this statement six times, progressively louder each time.

The same exact fucking thing you do when you hear ANYTHING I listen to.

I walk past you in the hall, and say ‘excuse me’.

THIS is fucking hilarious. “Oh look, I’m right here in the way!!!” Peals of laughter.

We assign a last minute athletic team trip to your friend: “Oh wow M, you’re going to take the softball team to Fabulous HS?!?!”

Joyful laughter, again with the escalating repeatedness.

I’m going to shoot this bitch.

So you hired the 16 year old?

Two questions:

Is she hot?

Were you really listening to that dreadful tune?!

lieu : It’s HER MOTHER!!!

And no.

Waverly : No.

And bite me :wink:

I like a lot of bad 80’s music. I like good music too, so no need to hold any I-Tunes telethons for me just yet.

With your meatgun ? :smiley:

I think your in love .

Oh my god, you’re listening to that? ::Squeals of laughter!!!

I was going to ask if this ws AGBB, but from your response to lieu I see that it is.

Sounds like Dr. Hibbert on amphetamines.

You need to perfect The Look.

If you have children, you know what I’m talking about. Otherwise, a stone-faced stare in her direction without talking while she cackles like a loon may go a long way.

If people are going to act immature, then you have to treat them like a misbehaving child.

I DO!!! She SO dense, that the look means nothing. I think it even encourages her.

Well, heck, if she were a kid I’d put her in time out or ground her or take away her TV watching privileges. Hmmmm…

Maybe a Miss Manners “Arched Eyebrow and a Cold ‘Why Do You Want to Know?’” is next?

Yeah, you know what? Try working with a giant fatheaded middle-aged man who laughs at everything he says like he just told the funniest joke ever. To make things worse, he laughs in his EMAILS with little LOLs and grins and shit.


Oh Co-worker
You’re so dense
You’re so dense it don’t make sense
Oh Co-Worker! Oh Co-worker!

Oh Co-worker
You’re so lame
You’re so lame and you’re to blame
Oh Co-worker! Oh Co-worker!

You actually posted this thread? That is too funny! ::giggles for a while::

Well, if The Look won’t work, have you considered that staple of pet training: The squirt gun/bottle?

(Hey, if she doesn’t even resond to child training techniques, what else is there to try?)

Sounds like that dingbat from The Office. What’s her name, Kelly or something?

The squirt bottle idea sounds good to me. It works with the cat, which may be her intellectual equal more than a child would be. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly what I was thinking. I wonder if he said, in a cold tone, “you remind me of Kelly from The Office” if she would get it.

Forget the squirt gun, just use the stapler.