I have 2 health and food questions

Does the calorie content change if I lightly toast my bread? Darkly toast it?

There are probably no studies on this, but in theory are there any negative effects on the lining of the GI tract from drinking really cold smoothies? What happens immediately and over time to those cells as they deal with the freezing cold temperatures day after day?

Thank you Dopers.

The darkness of toast comes from the caramelizing of sugars in the bread. It’s more of a change in appearance than in structure so there is no change in caloric content until you get to the point of actually charring the bread and turning the sugar into carbon. (Loosely speaking for the nitpicking chemists out there.)

Your body starts to warm cold drinks as soon as you swallow them. You’re placing them into a closed environment at 98.6 degrees after all. I know there are a lot of old wife’s tales about drinking iced drinks but I don’t know of any actual effects from normal usage.

When I severly burn something, I tell the bystanders that at least it has less calories now. They determine the calories by burning the food throughly in a lab.