I have 20 library hours left until my Contracts exam...

…and I just had my meltdown in tears, I’m going to fail, this is all too hard tantrum.

Am I on schedule or early? What are the odds of another one between now and then?

Mostly, I just want sympathy.

Er…also I post in the wrong forum, could someone report this?

I would say you’re right on schedule :wink:

Second, be sure you’re getting some sleep. You want to be able to THINK CLEARLY, which is easier if you’re adequately rested.

But really, you’ll be fine. I promise.

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You have my sympathy, in spades. I remember having a similar meltdown the evening before my Contracts exam. I was fine, and you will be too.

When do you sit the exam? Are you doing Torts too?

Yes, I’m doing both - Contracts on Thursday, Torts on Monday. I’m on the 'Dope cause I can’t see and the answers don’t make sense anymore…

Offer, acceptance, consideration, performance.

Quantum meruit


(good luck!)

I don’t know what you’re talking about, but fretting about an upcoming anything sucks.

My sympathy to you!

Cover? I’m thinking this is a US concept. Don’t panic the poor girl.

Law school is about 30% a mind game. Get out of the library and get yourself in the right headspace. What you’re doing to yourself doesn’t do any good - at this point you pretty much know what you’re going to know. You’re better off cementing what you do know by reviewing your strongest topics, than provoking an anxiety attack thinking about what you don’t know. JMHO, of course.

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Look at the bright side. 85% of what you learn you will never deal with again. Secondly stout heart, this is Contract a simple straightforward topic what will you do when you get to do jurisprudence, Tax or heaven forbid Conflict?

Finally buck up and be confident. You will do fine in the paper after the initial panic attack. If you were NOT scared I would be worried.

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

I agree that the right headspace is important. You already know what you need to know. Relax, and you’ll get through it just fine.

Ha! Just wait until Property comes along!

Heh. I was so badly frightened by that one, I ended up starting a “Can Blackacre Vest In A Zombie?” thread to cope.

Practice exams. See if your prof has any. See if the law journals have any. Take one, and see how you’re doing. That way, you’ll know. Grab one of the BarBri reps or a class mate who’s signed up, and get your hands on the 1L primer they hook you with.

There’s a fine line between taking the exam seriously, which everyone needs to do, and getting so overwhelmed and scared that you brain-lock. You are in the latter category. So relax, find a practice exam and get to work.

And get out of the library (but find someplace else quiet.) Like insanity, desperation is contagious.

Good luck.

Maybe they call it something else in Oz? As an example, Manufacturer has a contract with Supplier, where Manufacturer is to purchase and Supplier is to supply 100 Widget Parts by Date X. Supplier fails to deliver, so Manufacturer buys his Widget Parts elsewhere, at a higher price. Manufacturer has now obtained cover–and can continue making Widgets. Manufacturer will now sue Supplier for the difference between the contract price and the cover price.

Essentially a mitigation of damages concept.

I think. Took contracts back in 1992, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

The specific concept has no name here that I am aware of, it would just be seen as an example of mitigation.

I did LA103 in 1985, when dinosaurs were wearing short pants.

Thanks everybody! I feel better today. Well now, earlier was bad, but now is ok. Also I have had four coffees! FOUR!! HAHAHAHA!!!
Cover is an American concept. That’s cool. QM isn’t, but it leads to restitution and that’s cool, too. Equitable estoppel is breaking my head just now but I should get it today sometime…maybe? All the equity stuff gets me cause some of it’s contract and some of it’s remedy when there is no contract.

Also void ab initio and voidable, but I think I have a handle on that now. Property passing when the contract is void means that title does not pass means that an innocent third party has a remedy in the tort of detinue or conversion.

I am back at the library.

Property only has a 20% failure rate, this class has 45%. Property don’t scare me. Anyway, it’s next semester. I have to live through this one first.

I have practice exams, that’s what I’m here doing. I have three hours for five questions. I’m playing spot the issue. Today I will time myself for a fresh exam, panic again when I go over, regroup, restudy and tomorrow I will time myself again and it will be fine, I hope.

I threw up twice this morning, so I already had my panic and now I can work. I don’t know where this is coming from, I breezed through the first semester. Also, tort isn’t scaring me either.



Back into it. :slight_smile:

You must sleep. You are worthless to your future clients if you are not rested when representing them and it is a really bad habit to not do it right at this time in your life.

You already know everything about contracts that you need to know to pass. Offer. Acceptance. Consideration, etc.

I’m sleeping heaps, The Second Stone, because I am dysfunctional on no sleep.

10 hours in the library today but many breakthroughs were made. I’m pretty consistently identifying all the issues and I did a practice test in the time allowed. So there’s that.

Too tired to be nervous anymore. I think tomorrow (day before the test) I’m just going to do six or seven hours and then come home and play Dragonage. I either know it by now or I don’t.