I have a bigger ...

Post Count than my SO, brunetter!!!

I find this ironic given that she led me to this message board months after she fell in love with it …

She has been out-of-commission, spare time wise, for a while now so I have been able to catch up!!!

I just noticed that my count is now above hers! … Woo hoo!!!

Good for you. :smiley:

Honey you are pathetic.

And remember, we are after QUALITY not QUANTITY!


I’d challenge you to a race or something, but after that big lecture from the mods I think I’m just going to let it slide. You were always way more competitive than I was anyway.

But you might say, if I’m posting less than you, I must have WAY more interesting things to do with that precious spare time of mine … wink

perhaps, my love, perhaps … but early AM and boredom brings with it odd revelations, as is noted by this thread.