Time Marches On or: How I Lost Track of My Post Count.

I don’t post much. I like to read. I have an unanswered question here or there. On a rare occasion I have an answer to a question or an opinion on a topic. When I signed up back in 2002, after a hundred or so posts I was pretty sure I’d never actually make it to a thousand. I just don’t have that much to say. As I reached three hundred or so, I thought about how I’d try to use my 1000th post (if I ever got there) in some ceramonious way (perhaps a clever whoosh or in a classic TMI thread). In the blink of an eye it’s now four years later and I passed the thousand post mark without even noticing. In all honestly, I feel a little disappointed.

Oh, and believe it or not that was actually my first ever post in the MPSIMS forum.

…and boy I can’t think of a more mundane or pointless post.

We used to have post parties, and meandering, pointless threads that inevitably caused ones post count to increase. Some time ago, the powers that be decided that quality was more important that quantity. Maybe they’re right. I used to care what my post count was. Now, I don’t even know. In fact, I’m posting this just to find out.

Notes on Game & Post-Count Padding/Party Threads