Two days later, 400! -or- Another grab for attention. Please!

Yup. The big 4-0-0. Just two days after The big 3-0-0. That day I made 46 posts, and have sinced made at least 54 more. I bet that can stand out.

Back when I made that post I was full of self-confidence and excitement and jubilee the wonderful feeling of making 300 posts finally, like there was a lot of weight around that that I can carry around from then on. But, looking back, it wasn’t so great.

And this isn’t either. :shrug: But it’s alright. I’ll take it.
Now when do I get my gun?

Are you going to start post party threads for every 100 posts?

I’m glad you’re here.

Now get a hold of yourself.

Oh, I’ll stop eventually. I only mentioned this one because of the quickness with which I have attained it.

Because if everyone did that, we’d need a whole new forum for post parties. :rolleyes:

[sub]Yay, Jonathan Chance joined in the thread. He’s one of the Admired Dopers.[/sub]

Hm. You’re right RTFirefly.

Well. I’ve enjoyed your posts. So. Carry On.

Only, try not to lap us all with your ability to hit the submit button more frequently :wink:

‘Admired Dopers’?

Meessa gonna be t’inkin’ up some newsa vices.

Hey Blackeyes :o

Now we are even :slight_smile:

Blackeyes, I remember doing a similar thing to what you are now doing. Only I started the one thread about my 1800[sup]th[/sup] post, and about a week later, ResIpsaLoquitor started a thread about my imminent 1900[sup]th[/sup] post (totally unbeknowst to me), which was closed by Coldfire. I’m not sure now that it was a very good idea in the first place. I have learned from it, though some around here might argue differently.

Hey, I like you and all, but I’m not sure that it’s a good thing to do this for every hundreth post, regardless of the quickness you acheive them. :slight_smile: Don’t take this the wrong way… as in “Flami doesn’t like me.” Truth is, I do. :slight_smile: But just a few words of warning from the not-necessarily-wise.


I can understand. It took me three years to get to 100, and now I’ve gotten an extra 25 or so in a few weeks. Maybe by the time I die I’ll break 1000.

Remember dear, it’s quality…not quantity that counts. And yes, post parties are discouraged and at one time a thread was posted by a mod requesting that we not do post parties except for very special ones…like maybe 1,000.

I see whatcha mean, ultress. So no more post-congrats threads until next month.