I Have a CD that CDDB Didn't Recognize

The Apple iTunes software searches the CD Database over the internet to retrieve track names and other info so you don’t have to key it all in by hand. I searched for Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Yahoos by Elliott Sharp. Nothing. I actually submitted the track names etc. back to the CDDB. Aside from the fact that this is an old CD (1992) I feel really in the loop. For once.


From my sample, the CDDB hasn’t a clue what approximately 10% of discs are. Pretty much all my classical threw it for a loop, and random other ones.

Most bizarre are the ones that it thinks it recognizes, but is miles away on. A Paradise Lost cd told me it was actually some compilation of Latin dance rhythms, things like that.

CDDB recognizes most of what I’ve played, even the obscure German group Megaherz.

I’ve tried several times to re-submit info on a few of mine like that, but it never seems to work. When I re-query the CDDB, the changes never ‘take.’ Have you had any luck?

Most of my CDs don’t show up on CDDB. (I have a lot of obscure soundtracks, especially imports.) Frankly, I am shocked when a CD does show up.

I’ve never tried submitting track titles to CDDB, though.

The New “Atomic Rooster” Anthology CD yielded the same Result for me. I key all my stuff in by hand anyway. This way I avoid all the misspellings etc.

CDDB draws a blank on 1.02% of my CDs. (Yes, that’s an exact figure.) And I have some pretty obscure ones. It also failed on 1 because it was so old that it didn’t conform to the proper red-book CD standards.

All in all, pretty impressive. I use CD Trustee. It creates your own local database using the data drawn from CDDB. Some of the data you get back needs a bit of correction, but the majority is accurate. Except for the categorizations, this really is a matter of opinion and some are way off.

But what did annoy me was that one of the CDs it missed on I submitted to it. It didn’t show up at first. Then two days later it does, but not my submission! The track listing on the cover of this CD is incorrect, so I put in the right running order. But the CDDB copy has the wrong order from the CD cover. Whoever submitted it obviously wasn’t paying attention.

I have found that it recognizes foreign stuff such as Hamza el-Din, underground stuff by Material, I would have to go through my stuff at home for more examples. This is the first time it didn’t recognize a CD for me. The only problem I had in submitting track names, etc., is that I couldn’t submit a new category: New York Hardcore Experimental. This is really the only way to describe the Elliott Sharp (or E#) CD in question. I settled for Punk/Alternative.