I have a great idea for a series of TV commercials! How to sell them?

So last night, I literally dreamt up a series of TV commercials which I think would do very well. I’m not a writer, and I’m not in show business, so is there any way I could sell the commercial idea or script?

Unlikely in the extremer that you could actually sell them. You’d have to talk with ad agencies, and I doubt they are interested in looking at proposals from people coming in off the street. You could include it in a portfolio if they were hiring, I suppose.

It’s probably harder to accomplish what you’re doing that selling a movie script to Hollywood – and that’s pretty damn hard. Ad agencies have enough trouble keeping their salaried employees busy; they don’t need need outside help.

Having a great idea, BTW, is the easiest part of designing an ad campaign.

I’ve worked several decades in advertising, but more in print media than TV.

Let me rain on your parade before giving my best answer:
–Ideas are the easy part. Getting the client is the hard part (you’re usually competing against other agencies, and you’re all offering themes and “ideas.”

–After you’ve got a client, getting them to proceed with what you think are the best ideas is tough to impossible.

–A lot of times what someone thinks are good ideas are bad ideas. Lots of ad agencies want to do something unique even if it won’t sell the product. Most clients want something similar to what other companies have done, and that also really catches people’s attention… which is to say something that doesn’t exist.

–A lot of times companies that produce creative work (Ad agencies, TV shows, musicians) don’t want to see unsolicited material, because then they can be charged with plagiarism if they later do something similar.

Okay, that’s enough rain.
If it’s a generic idea that would work for a lot of different types of businesses, there are companies that make generic commercials that local businesses can use. A logo or voice over gets tagged on at the end to customize it.

You would have to write to such a company and give them a rough notion of what kind of businesses could use your idea. They might be interested and follow-up. You’ll have to trust them to some degree, but most businesses aren’t interested in ripping people off for a few bucks.

Another approach is that you could locate a local ad agency (probably a small one) that does commercials, and that’s headed by an ambitious guy (probably and asshole.) You can contact him saying you have an idea that he might be able to sell to a local car dealership/furniture store/law firm or whatever.

If it’s for a specific large company, such as Coca-Cola, you’re probably out of luck. But you could find out what agency is currently doing their television and send an inquiry to someone at the agency. They might follow up, and they’ll be very unlikely to try to steal your idea without compensation.

Anyway, go for it. It’s better to try something than not try anything at all. Makes for a more interesting autobiography. Good luck.