"I have a gub. Give me all your cash."

From Woody Allen’s Take the Money and Run (1969). Woody Allen’s character hands the teller a note with that written on it. The teller, though, can’t read it, insisting that the note doesn’t say “gun”, it says “gub”

The robbery fails, and Allen’s character is arrested.

That wouldn’t happen in Real Life, right?


This must be why so few doctors are successful bank robbers.

Apt natural.

isn’t it “abt natural”

And who said that handwriting shouldn’t be taught in schools anymore…

Yes it is. Miss Frank tells Virgil it cannot be act natural, “That is a plain B.”

I listen to “Nights with Alice Cooper” on my way to work the other night and he was laughing over “I have a gub” then a few days later the morning radio guy mentioned this Slattery guy and all I could think was “I have a gub”.

I was going from memory; give me a break.

I would be so endeared if a robber said “I haz a gub!1!1” that I might hand over cash just for that reason.

Sorry, I wish I hadn’t said that, and had it in the back of my mind after posting it. I had a bitchy day at work(remote), fighting tooth and nail for what had been signed off on at what had not been on a Friday EOB Deadline. And struck at an inaccuracy.

Ultimately, mea culpa. honestly sorry.

Outside of all that , I try to avoid major typos be reading my text before publishing, but does anybody else find “And struck at an inaccuracy.” A hell of a tongue twister?

Don’t worry about it. I thought I did pretty well for a semi-obscure reference I haven’t seen in years. And we do want to be accurate.

“Pens? Looks more like Ben’s to me.”