I have a hicky

I’m not especially proud of it and unfortunatly it is in a place that will be difficult to hide. I didnt notice it last night and my boyfriend claims that it was given unintentionally during the heat of the moment.

I feel like a bit of an idiot. I have to go to work tomorrow and I have no idea what to say if someone notices it. (There is no chance it will be un-noticed.)

Do you want to try to hide it with make-up? There is a cover stick you can get which has a green tint to it. Use that, then some regular base makeup. The green color covers the red of the hickey without making you look orange (and worse!). It may, however, end up looking like a bruise, or still like a hickey. Good luck.

Wear it proudly! Don’t flaunt it, but don’t go to extremes to hide it, either. If someone rude asks, just say that things got a little “frisky” last night, and leave it at that. Most will be jealous, and the others can go fuck themselves.

Am I the only one who calls this a “sucker bite,” not a “hicky”?

I take it a nice silk scarf is out?

Rub it with a comb, it will go away.

Don’t bother trying to cover it with make-up. It just makes it look more obvious. I remember a friend trying to do this. I wouldn’t have even bothered to mention it if it wasn’t for the make-up on his neck.

You have a hicky?

<proud> I’ve got a nickel!<proud>
Wanna trade?

I’ll give you the nickel, if you…OUCH! OUCH! QUIT HITTIN!


You know, I never would have known if you didn’t mention this.


We called them monkey bites. Hickeys were zits (whiteheads, to be precise). This was in the Bay Area in the Fifties.

They were both badges of honor and shameful markings that had to be hidden; fortunately, there were some really ugly neck scarves that were popular then that did the job.

I found a cool google images likeness but for some reason the Insert Link isn’t working quite right.

Oh, waiter!

Yep, the makeup trick works better for women.

How likely is it that your husband will notice it?

Personally, I don’t think it works for either.

Get him to give you a bunch more, all over the face and neck, and talk loudly about the mad squid that attacked you. Hey, the folks at work don’t know that the squid is only for the newly-signed-up!

More seriously - pity this didn’t happen during turtleneck season… problem solved.

I suggest you give up trying to hide it, and start planning revenge instead.

Heh! I gave a gal a hickey on her forehead once. Best revenge ever.

Apparently toothpaste works. Yep, sounds mad, and I’ve never tried it, but a mate of mine spent about 20 minutes rubbing toothpaste into her hicky when we were teenagers and she says it worked. (Ketchup to neutralise red hair dye sounds nuts too but that one does work, I’ve tried it!)

Otherwise, try make-up, but it will wear off without you noticing… ‘Has a werewolf been at you?’ my boss enquired one morning when I staggered in hungover and, em, marked. :stuck_out_tongue: Chin up gal. :wink:

If anybody asks, you should just reply with: “If you think that looks bad, you should see what I did to the other guy!”

Is that in bad taste? I can never tell. :smiley:

I once put a large one on a gent’s eyelid. He was most dissatisfied.

I am sure there is an actual thread around here dealing with octopus-like face hickeys and turkey basters. I read it. I am sure it was not a mad hallucination caused by snorting too much parrot feather dust. I remember it had advice on what to do with hickeys. Someone help me find it!

Jon…is that you?