I have a job interview!!

For those of you who haven’t read my past threads, I’ve been applying around for my first real job since I graduated college. My first interview ever turned out to be for a MLM that ran exactly like DS-MAX. I actually went to the second interview so I was on my feet following my ‘mentor’ around while she sold things door to door. Not a fun experience.

After that experience, talking with family some more and getting advice to work at various jobs before I settle down, and deciding I want the flexibility to travel*, I signed up with a reputable temp agency. I was my upbeat and spunky self while maintaining some professionalism when I came in for my initial interview with them**.

I guess my interviewer liked me so much that she recommended me for a job at the actual temp agency! It’s a full-time position with benefits and a pretty nice starting salary for an entry-level job.

My interview is this Tuesday. I’m so excited!!

*since my parents have benefits from working for United AirLines that they can give to me

**to establish I’m a good worker, to take various tests and see what type of personality that I have

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