I have a lap full of puppy

A Bichon Frise puppy named Popcorn.

Nine weeks old. Two pounds of fluff.

He’s a coworker’s dog.

Thank god my husband isn’t a dog person or I’d be a dognapper.

Well…where’s a picture or three? Huh?

Ahhhhhh, puppy breath. Waft some this way, will ya? BTW where are the obligatory pictures??? :dubious: :smiley:

While waiting for our take out order last Frida, my daughter and I visited the puppy store right next to the restaurant. I’d never buy from a puppy mill distribution center as most retail outlets are, but, my, there were some keeeee-ute puppies in there. :slight_smile:

Sadly, there was no camera, so there are no pictures YET. But Popcorn is going to become the office puppy, so there should be pictures in the future.

Mmmmmm. Be sure to check out that hot l’il puppy belly. It won’t last long!