New puppy!

Meet Luna:

(should be public, Youtube is not playing nicely right now :confused: )

She’s a Lab, 11 weeks old :slight_smile:

If there are any dog geeks here, this is her dam:

and her sire:

First link isn’t working for me. I do have facebook but it still says “unavailable”.

Well balls:mad: I bet that has to do with the new subscription crap.

I,ll have to try again tomorrow, can’t do it from the iPad.

Ok I think I fixed it after all.

Worked for me. Super cute puppy!

Are you planning to show her?

She’s adorable! And Mom & Dad are gorgeous, LOVE Mom’s head.

Dog Geek… I like that. I’m a dog geek! :slight_smile:

I do want to show her, probably not a whole lot in conformation because I really don’t want an unspayed dog, but I’d like to do obedience and agility.

So far she’s the perfect puppy. Quiet (and dry!) in her crate overnight, did all her business outside with no fuss, and is figuring out the leash and collar thing. We’ve learned that cats are ok to sniff but not to chase (they grow sharp pointy things!) and that it’s better to go out the door slowly or the step will make you fall in a heap.

And now I have more puppy proofing to do :slight_smile:

Pink puppy tongue! Big puppy paws! Hoppy puppy gait! Huge shiny green puppy DEMONIC EYES staring into MY SOUL!!! Velvet puppy ears!

She’s adorable! Give her some scritches behind those puppy ears from me, please!


Truly :slight_smile: