Speaking of Super Moons...Meet Luna!

A few of you may remember our previous dog adoptions chronicled in these pages, the sad stories of Mr. Rogers, and later, Diamond. I won’t link to those tragic tales today.

Well, we still wanted to find a dog who would be buddies with our girl Simone. I know it’s common to want a second dog so they can keep each other company, but in this case we feel it’s really appropriate. Simone clearly has always wanted another dog to share pack activities with. We go on meet-up walks every week, and she is always disappointed to separate from the other dogs. She is ten years old now and fairly unsteady on her feet due to neurological issues, so this is probably her last chance to have a pack of her own.

Our quest took us through a list of shelter and rescue dogs. A variety of hounds, mutts, and pits, each of whom was a good dog but none of whom were quite right. A month ago we met a nice 7-year-old mix named Murdock. He was fine, but not really interested in Simone, and we did not quite fall in love.

While we were there, however…we saw another dog meeting a family. A pretty blue-and-white pit bull type dog, who looked up politely at each family member, played politely with the children, and during a game of “I have the toy, you can’t catch me” went so far as to lie down and yield up her toy when the smallest child couldn’t keep up.

“What a gem,” we thought. But when she passed Simone on her way back into the shelter enclosure, she stared a moment too long. Having had enough experience with dog reactivity to thoroughly poison our perceptions, we worried about that long look.

A week later, someone from our meet-up group who knew we were looking for a new family member contacted my wife, gushing about a shelter dog they’d walked with who was good with other dogs.

It turned out to be the same dog we’d seen before…still available!

Suddenly we were excited. We took Simone in to meet this dog…the pretty pittie looked at her a moment, then shrugged and came to us, then settled in happily walking near Simone. It turned out she’s deaf – which may explain the long look at Simone. Without hearing cues (apparently she’s completely deaf from birth), this dog has to look at everyone for visual cues.

And so we found ourselves adopting this beauty. Meet Luna:

Luna’s official shelter picture

[WARNING: that is just about the most ridiculously goofy pit bull picture you’ll ever see!]

Given that headshot and her personality, I’m stunned she was still available when we got her. It is true that there was a medical report saying she had balance issues as well, but we haven’t seen any – nor has our vet. Maybe it was a temporary illness; at any rate, our Simone has given us plenty of experience with wobbly dogs, and we are not deterred. Perhaps the medical report and the deafness scared everyone off – we are glad to have had the chance to adopt her ourselves.

Damaged as our confidence has been (from our previous misadventure with an extremely reactive/aggressive dog), our adoption of Luna, a physically strong, active pit bull was not without trepidation. Step by step we brought her into our house and Simone’s life…

And she’s been just FABULOUS!

[edit: accidentally hit enter and posted too soon!]

Luna has now been with us two weeks. We put her through a modified version of the “two week shutdown” strategy, which limits the new dog’s activities and responsibilities while she gets acclimated to her new environment and social structure. Luna has very high energy – I walk her two miles every weekday and twice that on weekend days – and she can get super excited and zoomed up easily when we pay direct attention to her. Those are the closest things to flaws we’ve found so far…well, also she’s a little hormonal, having just been spayed. But Luna’s s been polite and deferential with Simone and strange dogs; she’s been careful in meeting our cat and strange cats outside; she looks to us for instruction; she lets Simone eat unmolested; she even let Simone have her prized toy without argument. Over and over we see Luna being open to new experiences, unafraid, and friendly to everyone she meets. She’s gentle with little kids, unruffled by rude puppies barging into her personal space, and even when she’s zoomed up in excitement, she’s gentle if she accidentally catches my hand in her teeth.

More pictures of Luna:

Saying hi!

That’s a big head.

Reflecting on a random message someone sent out into the universe.

Figure study.

Beautiful day at the lake.

As she gains familiarity and confidence with us, she’s even slowly becoming able to occasionally stay calm when getting petted, as opposed to zooming up and galloping around in delirious joy. One night recently she sat companionably beside me, allowing me to pet that broad smooth head, her pretty almond eyes closing at each stroke.

After so long a search (dating back to 2014) and a couple of unhappy attempts, we still have trouble believing how well this adoption is working out.

Since she first came home, she’s greeted check in with Simone whenever they are reunited. After a few days of staring at this much younger. more active dynamo, Simone has begun to check in and bump noses herself. Today she follows Luna around most of the time, albeit much more slowly, and tries to play. We took Luna on the group meet-up walk with other dogs for the first time today – the “two week shutdown” ended yesterday – and she was totally at home in a rambling pack of strange dogs. She’s just a doll, and she makes friends – human and canine – everywhere she goes.

Training (using hand signals) will start soon!

Welcome home, Luna!

Oh she is adorable, and what a wonderful name!

Holy socks, Sailboat! If you rack up any more Karma points, you’ll ascend, bodily, into K9 Parnassus! GOOD FOR YOU (and family and pets)!

She’s a real cutie, all right. Pitties are the sweetest. As time goes on, you’ll find Simone picking up all kinds of traits from Luna, and vice versa. Fun times await you!

Great pix.
Be sure to check in again after these two have taken over the house and you’ve gone totally insane. :wink:

Wonderful news! I am so happy for you all!

What a sweetie! I’m so glad you all found each other. :slight_smile:

That is the best picture ever! Luna is a doll.

Congratulations on your new pack member! That shelter picture was definitely first-smile-of-the-morning-worthy. :smiley:

Congratulations! So happy for you!

Thanks everyone!

Out of a sense of fairness, I should include a few images of Simone, our older girl. She’s got a neurological birth defect that makes her take longer to process information; especially now that she’s older (she turned 10 in August) she is wobbly and slow-walking. But she’s always been a pure spirit – a lover of all she meets, a nurturer of other animals, a faithful shadow.

Simone at 10

Sunbathing, a year ago

Luna continues to be wonderful, and shows signs of being able to relax. Every day we learn new things together.

And here’s a shout-out to the also-rans, all the pretty velvet shelter and rescue dogs we passed over when we picked Luna: Vader, Wall-E, Mudock, Banjo, Isabel, Edward, Peekaboo, Sweet Pea, and so many, many more.

If you have time, if you have room, if you have love, they are still there – and thousands like them.

That is one of the best pictures of a dog I have ever seen!

I like pit bulls; I’ve known dozens and dozens of them and by and large they have been intelligent, loyal and even-tempered. It sure sounds like you got yourselves a serious winner, tho, like big head-and-shoulders above most.

She is beautiful. I’m glad that y’all are gonna be happy together! [cue Turtle’s record]

Love love love love love :slight_smile: :slight_smile: