I have a new toilet!

A beautiful pillar of gleaming white porcelain rises up from the faded linoleum. Its smooth, sleek base is capped by the gentle curve of the bowl. It becons to me, calling out “use me and I will flush for you!” It’s been so long since I heard that call! How many years have I looked askance at the rusty, cruddy stump that was my previous toilet, only to hear it’s taunt, “go ahead, give it a try–you know it may take a week to flush!” It sat there smirking at me. Bastard! How smug do you feel out at the curb now? Who’s smirking now, bad boy?

But no more! Receiving the okay from the building manager to call a plumber (a real, honest-to-god plumber, not the pathetic ass-crack building manager that tries to pass for a plumber), I got on the phone and he came right over! I couldn’t believe it! No promises of being there next week then never showing–he actually came right over.

And now I sit, feeling the smooth, unblemished plastic cradle me gently. And when my ablutions are complete, I press the gleaming silver handle and hear the soft sound of the calming waves, assuring me that everything will be fine now because I have a new toilet.

oooOOOooo a new toilet is a joy to have.

When I remodeled my bathrooms, both got new toilet. The full bath’s old toilet was just not right. I think it was the original one with the house so it was about 40 yrs old. The contractor had not bought the correct toilet, so they had to put a 1 inch square indent in the wall so that the tank would fit. I bought the correct toilet for the way the plumbing comes out of the floor. The old toilet made the room looks small–yes it is a small bathroom, but there are ways to fool the eyes into thinking it is larger. The new toilet sits in there gleaming white.

The small half bath also got it’s do-over. And when the new toilet was flushed, up came bubbles. Well this of course was a moment to be shared. So picture me, my parents, and my brother all standing around this toilet watching it flush with the bubbles coming up. It was definitely a family bonding moment.

I am jealous, I need 2 new toilets…

I know that feeling deb2world. My SO and I just stood there flushing it a few times and watching the water do its thing. It was a very exciting moment. More so since the old one didn’t work worth a damn. We referred to it as Number One (not because it held a place of prestige in our bathroom, but because that was the only job it could handle.)

Of course, the sink is still half falling off the wall, and the floor is all squishy near the tub because it was never caulked properly (it’s been that way since I moved in five years ago), be we’re taking things one utility at a time :slight_smile:

I wish you would have informed me of this new toilet about a half-hour ago, I could have broken it in real nice for you! I t would have been put to the ultimate test . . . a Class A log with plenty of toilet paper to boot. If it can handle that payload in one flush, you’ve got yourself a keeper . . .

Whoop-de-shit. :smiley:

My mother and stepfather got a new one last year. The jealousy was almost too much for me to over come. :wink:

They used the old one as a planter in the back yard for a joke. :smiley: They filled the tank with petunias, and offered it up as an alternative to the patio chairs for guests.

When we got new toilets, we saved money. The old ones were inefficient and the downstairs toilet must have been running, and it was a drastic reduction in our quarterly water bill. Yay new toilets!

Do you want lieu to come over and christen your toilet?

Funny you should mention that, medstar, it just seems that a toilet thread isn’t the same without a contribution (excuse the phrasing) from lieu. Although ** rhinostylee** has made a valiant attempt. :slight_smile:

We’re still reluctant to try it on the really big jobs–actually, I think it’s more habit than reluctance, we’re just not used to having two fully functioning toilets in the apartment. Now if the building manager would just fix all the other plumbing problems, I’ll bet the landlord would see a huge drop in the cost of the water bill.

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You used to butt a stump?

Well, I never quite looked at it that way–but I guess I did! :eek:

A bathroom remodel that I did years ago took several days, and one morning as I walked up the driveway, I heard the little boy yell to his Mother, "Bathroom Man is here!"

Suddenly, I envisioned a caped crusader, pipe wrench in one hand and a plunger in the other, streaking across the sky to save the bathrooms of the land from evil. “Wow! Thanks, Bathroom Man!” “You’re welcome, Billy. My job here is finished. Always remember to put the seat down when you’re done.” “I sure will, Bathroom Man!”

Narrator voice: And so Bathroom Man continues his vigil, striving for truth, justice, and a bowl free of skid marks.

With apologies from Bathroom Man for the slight hijack :smiley:

Gee. And here I was happy I got a new toilet seat. (It’s in the OP so you don’t have to look far.)

Well, I had a duo of Bathroom Men (no capes, unfortunately, but that would have been way cool!) I just gazed on in awe as they completed the job. Thanks to them, my bathroom is now safe for a variety of bodily wastes.

Yeah, but if it’s new, that means it’s low-flow…
Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a precariously prairie-dogging pre-pooper like a low-flow. <shiver>

I know low-flow isn’t great, but at least we now have a working toilet–I’ll take anything I can get at this point. Now if only the bath tub weren’t sinking into the floor, I’d be a very happy girl!