A bad, bad, bad Sing-song Sunday in the Wrek house!

My 1/2 bath toilet has been singing for a week. You know, that watery song that sez the guts ain’t workin’ good.
My Siamese cat’s are disturbed by this. That bathroom is theirs. (I let guests use it to, :eek: it’s impeccably clean, I promise)

I told Big Wrek a week ago. I told Big Wrek 3 days ago. I told Big Wrek I was calling Mr.Otis, the drunken overpriced plumber who charges double on the weekends.
That resulted in a new vigor to fix said toilet on Sunday morning. Since he came in about 1am, I’m sure he has a slight hangover.
At 9am I hear him cussing at the toilet. Cat’s are in the beams.
At 10am he’s calling Son-of-a-wrek, who has a hangover as well. That results in a argument as to whether the toilet needs replacing (20 years old)
I stuck my head in and said, I can still call Mr.Otis. “Nooooooooo!!!” they said in unison.
Hah! My evil plan worked.
I’m getting a new toilet.
They are at Home Depot.
Stayed tuned for hilarity…

So…the new toilet is here. It’s sitting on the deck it’s mouth agape.
The water is turned off. The old toilet is coming out.
I’ll never understand how cursing helps put toilets in.
Glad I already took a shower. This may take awhile.

I don’t know about toilets, but I do know that cursing helps when you’re trying to wallpaper a bathroom with no vanity, but pipes you need to paper around.

<shrug> It must be a man thing. Back in about 1997 or 98 the toilet needed to be replaced, so I went to Home Depot, picked one out, bought it, had the nice guy load it into the back of the Scout, picked up a box of nitrile gloves and a new wax ring and toddled off home. Turned off the water to the toilet, flushed it to empty the tank, dumped a couple buckets of water in to flush any residue down and unbolted it, asked our roomie of the time to give it a heave and haul it out back [we planted a geranium into it until we sourced a dumpster for yard clean up later] while I got a putty knife out and scraped the old wax ring off and the years of mystery scunge. Once cleaned up and a new wax ring put in place, had Ian haul in the replacement toilet dropped it in place, bolted it back together hooked the water back up and gave it a test flush. No problem, discounting the driving/shopping time about half an hour of work and 10 minutes of various area cleanup and a shower. I admit, Ian did swear once as he barked a shin on the crate, but that was it.

The toilet is in. The seat is new as well. Bear the Siamese is not happy. You see he uses the actual toilet for his necessary business. I put an extra cat box in the bathroom til he calms down.
I predict loud protestations and clacking of jaws.
This sing-song day has been noisy to say the least.

The toilet works. I know from personal experience :smiley:
Bear, the Cat has been seen sniffing around. He acted all unconcerned when he walked out. But, immediately started the yowling again. He got his snack early so as to shut him up. Jeez, he’s so dramatic.
I put towels in the dryer so he’s happy for the moment.

Bear will puke on the bedroom floor, RIGHT where your feetsies hit when you get out of bed.

Mr VOW has put in two replacement toilets in the master bath of the AZ house. And when we get the new floors and the walk-in tub, I am picking out a new toilet for that bath!

I saw it on a TV show. (Remember the olden days when TVs never showed toilets?)

My new toilet won’t have the “S” curve exposed, where you have to clean all around the nooks and crannies. No indeed! It’s like a straight column, from the seat to the floor! I don’t know how it is bolted to the floor. I DON’T CARE!

closes eyes and envisions dream toilet

Great. Now I have a mental picture of Granny Hawkins dropping a deuce surrounded by howling cats.

Somebody shoot me, now!

Gato- you are a bad, bad, bad man (fish-dude) :slight_smile: