What a truly wretched way to start your day.

When I got up this morning and started getting ready for work, I noticed that I had left the bathwater in the tub, so I started it draining. A couple of minutes later, I went to the restroom, then flushed. Walking away from the toilet I hear water pouring behind me! I look and water is practically gushing from the toilet. Accckk! I try the plunger and that just makes water come out faster. Water is still flowing into the back part (what do you call it?) and I open that up and pulled the float up, but the water kept coming. The only good thing about the whole mess is that I had pretty much only done a token restroom break. I had woken up 20 minutes early to use the restroom so there wasn’t much of anything in the toilet when this started.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this I’m running to get towels to stop the inch or so of water that is spreading across my (rather large) bathroom floor.

Then I realized that the tub water was still draining and causing the problem. I re-stoppered the tub and the toilet flushed itself as though nothing had happened. Then I was able to finish draining the tub. Which left me with a floor covered in water and soggy towels. So I went and played solitaire.

Now this is the point that shows how strange my cats are. I come back to clean up and both my cats have crossed the bathroom - which is covered in water and soggy towels (still - elves didn’t show up while I was on the computer) - and are on the toilet seat staring at the water in the toilet going “Huh”. How many cats do you know that would get near water other than their water bowl?

Well, I threw all the soggy towels in the tub, put a fan on the bathroom (went to check my email), and finally started getting ready for work.

Cats are so cute, haha. I notice whenever I do anything wrong, i.e. spill water, my little one comes a running to see what happened. You realize they were probably laughing at you.

I do not envy the cleaning job you get to do tonight. If you are like me, a thorough cleaning is the only way I would feel good about using that bathroom again.

Good morning, Zyada!

I’m sure there are better ways to wake up. At least your cats seem to have appreciated it.

My sympathies!

Well, other than the theater Mrs. Lincoln, how was your evening?