I have a pepper sitting on my monitor...

It’s mostly dried out now. It is a Naga Morich. My brother and father both have a plant that produces these beautiful red chilies.

First question, is this thing going to lose any heat drying out as opposed to fresh? Rumor has it a coworker of mine might eat it.

Second, does anyone have any good recipes?

Third, any sabotage ideas/stories? :smiley: :evil:

Story: I cut off a piece the size of my pinkie fingernail and gave it to my dad. It lit him up for about 45 mintues. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

  1. No

  2. I worked in the U.S. South; being transferred from the north, many coworkers thought me a Damn Yankee. During breakfast one morning someone poured out half my coffee and replaced it with the omnipresent Baumer’s. One sip and I knew what it was-what they didn’t know, I’m very accustomed to hot peppers- I downed the cup and borrowed a plug of chaw for good effect. Earned me an honorary coonass name and lots of cred.

    After growing, drying, making chipotle and other condiments with chilis, my observation is to keep the seeds if you want to retain the heat.