I have a question about a cook pot.

Should that go in Cafe Society or IMHO?

I’d say Cafe Society.

Pretty sure it would get moved, in either case.

Depends on the question, but probably Cafe Society.

  • “How many cook pots can dance on the head of an angel?” would probably go in Great Debates.
  • “How often have cook pots been elected to the Senate?” would probably fit best in Elections.
  • “Is it legal to throw a cook pot through the store window of the place that sold me a defective one?” would be General Questions.
  • “How many crooked cooks could a cook pot cook if a cook pot cooked crooked cooks?” would most likely be in Game Room.

What’s a cook pot?

That goes in GQ.

That sounds like a request for legal advice. I don’t think it can go GQ.

A chef with an addiction.

“Can you buy an election with a chicken in every pot?” Elections.

The cook pot MMP: MPSIMS

Everyone knows the cook pot is overpriced. You want to talk to the busboys.