i have a question...

So this is about asking the ouija board a question you already know the answer to and your hand will involuntarily move to the right answer. so my friend and i tried it a long time ago and it said i was going to get married to a guy named dean who lives in georgia right now. i’ve never met a dean in my life, or live in georgia…never been-- neither has she, she was going to marry Owen who shes never met either. it said i was going to met him at her house at a party shes having(she has these parties all the time) and ill met him through justin…only have heard of one justin… so do you think i should believe all this stuff? get back soon :))

Nevermind. I don’t have the energy to get into this.

I think you should dump the ouija board that game has a tragic track record.


Signs say…you should link to the column in question when posting a query regarding said column.

I would be more concerned with the spirits you have awakened and the terrible fate that awaits you and your friend in the next seven days.

My magic eight ball said to ask again later.

I asked my psychic dog for a definitive answer, but she was asleep.

Not just that you know the answer to. With regards to your questions, your collective hands found an answer. You were looking for a name, so between the two of you a name surfaced. It is a combination of involuntary wiggles, each feeling the other person’s wiggles, and the subconscious trying to piece together the letters as you reveal them and supply a link that makes sense.

Don’t worry about it. Forget about it. Take up knitting or nintendo or some other hobby.

…Or your friend moved it.

Sounds like you need to get to Georgia.

Dean? Have you been watching Supernatural?