I have a quick questioin about "Ounce Upon a Time" for those that are still watching. (Spoilers)

I’m not sure if I saw what I think I saw. I’ve been catching up on Hulu. When I was watching this particular episode my attention was divided between cooking and watching the show. And I’m sure those couple of glasses of red wine didn’t help things either…
Did Hades basically reveal to Mr. Rumple (Gold) that he’s basically been boinking his daughter? Did I get that right?

You must have misinterpreted something: Rumple/Gold doesn’t have a daughter, only a son. So far.

‘Had’ a son, Baelfire is deceased… Rumple carelessly promised his ‘second born’ child as a sacrifice, and his current wife, Belle, is gestating that child right now.

Okay, that makes sense. Thanks. lol.

“Ounce Upon a Time”–I was thinking this was about an undiscovered Cheech and Chong movie…

No, he’s not POUNDing his daughter.

We’ve met Belle’s father, anyway.